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bennelson 12-29-14 01:23 PM

Ben's Flir One Thermal Camera
Hey Guys,

I just bit the bullet and ordered a FLIR ONE infrared camera for iPhone 5/5s.

Best price I could find right now was $250, ordering straight from the company. Still pretty pricey for a gadget, but with all my solar, electric, and home projects, I'm sure I will use the heck out of it!

FLIR ONE™ personal thermal imager by FLIR® - See the Heat°

It is listed as being out of stock for another couple of days, then add shipping time to that, so I don't expect to see it for at least a week, probably two. Still, I'm pretty excited to have the thermal camera on its way.

Daox 12-29-14 03:46 PM

Very cool Ben!

Any initial projects you have in mind for the camera?

Mikesolar 12-29-14 04:17 PM

I'm thinking of it too. I think I trust FLIR over SEEK but I would have to buy an iphone which I am loath to do.

pinballlooking 12-29-14 04:20 PM

It will be good to hear and see your results.
I really hope they release an Android version.

AC_Hacker 12-29-14 04:42 PM

Yep, we're all waiting to see how this works for you!


bennelson 12-29-14 06:05 PM

I already happen to have an iPhone 5, so this thermal camera was the obvious choice.

I can see myself using this on all sorts of projects. For example:

General House - looking at insulation, heat escape through windows, around doors, around can lighting fixtures, etc.

Electric inefficiencies - hot spots on power strips, wall worts, circuit breaker, etc.

Solar Thermal - I have a solar hot water panel, which is mounted and half-plumbed (I have no idea where to put the tank! I have a small house!) seeing where and how that gets hot would be interesting

Solar PV - PV runs better when it's cold. Would be fun to compare summer vs winter performance using thermal imaging.

Electric Car - Look at how much heat is at the motor controller, motor, and electric connections, troubleshooting bad cells, etc.

Garage UPS Project - see how much heat is coming out of the transformer and the switching power components.

It's going to be fun!

bennelson 01-07-15 05:29 PM

Camera arrived!

Short story? It's pretty neat!

FLIR One Thermal Camera – First Impressions (Click this link to get to LOTS of photos!)

In the image above, you can see the "slim case" that goes on the iPhone and the FLIR ONE device itself.

Once in place, you can quickly start taking photos. In the image below, I could actually see the impression of the framing right through the wall! Now that's one heck of a stud-finder!

In this image below, you see my utility room. Mostly, you are looking at the furnace, with the air-intake pipe in black, and the exhaust pipe in the light colors. Behind the furnace on the right is my natural gas water heater, with its exhaust pipe running straight up. It also looks like there may be some insulation missing in the ceiling above and to the right of the furnace.

This is NOT a high-resolution camera. The images saved out from it are 640 x 480 JPEGs. Nothing wrong with that, but it sure seems small compared to the 4000x3000 images I'm used to working with from a DSLR!

It shoots video too, but I haven't played around with that yet.

pinballlooking 01-07-15 06:26 PM

It looks good. This is the only time I have ever wanted a iPhone.

Daox 01-08-15 08:10 AM

Looks great Ben. I can't wait to hear more about how you use the camera and what you find with it.

bennelson 01-08-15 09:23 AM

Already found some holes in my insulation and the fact that my circuit-breaker box is ridiculously cold! It was at 32 degrees - IN MY KITCHEN!

Here's some more fun photos for you.

My circuit breaker box, next to my kitchen door.

Some thermal stratification in my hallway. Warm air really does rise! The bright spot near the top is NOT a light. It is an always-on smoke detector that runs on hard-wired 120VAC power.

My wood stove running. It's interesting that even with the heat of the fire, you can still see the wall studs in the photo. I think that the wood stove may heat the surface of the wall, but not the studs, so it actually exaggerates the delta-T, allowing the camera to see the hot wood stove and the cold studs at the same time.

My morning coffee. A typical ceramic cup on the left, and my stainless steel insulated travel mug (without the lid) on the right.

Here's the inside of my refrigerator. Note that there's no heat signature from the fridge light bulbs, because I swapped them out for LED.

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