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Daox 02-08-12 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by AC_Hacker (Post 19680)
I thought your delta-T was pretty good. Did you measure your water flow through your system?

Yes I did. I filled a bucket in the basement off the return side of the loop and timed it to figure out the flow rate.


How did you measure your water-in temp, and water-out temp?
I used an IR thermotmeter on the radiator fins and tubing connected to it.


And do you know how much cooling you will need?
Nope. And I'm not sure I really need to. The output of the test was decent. It had a nice cooling effect enough to make things more comfortable. I know it can be improved upon and if I can get any improvement it'll be fine. Its basically an I'll take what I can get scenario. I'm not really looking to put in an A/C system or even a complicated improvement on this system for as little as we would use it.


Have you calculated how much water flow you'll need for that much cooling?
Nope, but looking at my current setup it shouldn't be hard to figure out. Double the flow should equal a little less than double the output I imagine.


Gary has a home heating calculator, that looks like it's based on Manual-J. He might have a cooling version, or you might be able to trick it to calculate your cooling load.

Also, I don't know what your water cost is, but don't neglect the possibility of using a sprinkler on the roof with a timer that could turn it on briefly at fairly frequent intervals during the day. Evaporation really helps.

I suggested this to a convenience store owner. He tried it and said that it lowered his inside temp by 10F. Not too bad.

I'd definitely like to try this. My main attic is insulated pretty well (R60) and fairly well ventilated. However, the 1st floor addition roof probably isn't as well ventilated and I know its not as well insulated. I bet this could make a real difference there.

David 04-04-13 06:43 PM

Thank you for bringing my attention to your site Daox

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