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Higgy 06-03-12 08:39 PM

New Garden 2012
Ok...I finally have some pictures up. Not many but a few. These are the new raised beds I just put in at the new house. I also took a couple of pictures of some of the flowers I found that just popped up around my flower gardens.

The greens you see planted are 2 cherry tomatoes, 2 basil, and 2 sweet peppers. The wholes are 4 potatoes which will get covered as it grows. What you don't see are:
Pole Beans
and 3 varieties of regular tomatoes in the self watering tomato planters I built that aren't in the pictures.

Building these was a labour of love, cause this is what helped to cause my "golfing elbow".

Hopefully it all pays off.

Daox 06-04-12 07:15 AM

They look very nice Hig. How big are they? Also, what are they right next to? I'm guessing its the driveway.

Higgy 06-04-12 08:30 AM

They're 4x8 foot using 2x12" pieces with a 4x4" piece at each corner. Used cedar wood so no toxic crap would come off of it.

It's actually next to the big cement patio behind my garage. I'll try and snap some shots the other way later so you can actually see it. I just have a ton of crap in the way so it looks bleh.

Higgy 06-04-12 11:00 AM

Oops...that should say 2 - 2x6" pieces which made it 12" high.

basjoos 06-10-12 06:33 AM

Give the asparagus lots of room. They can get 8 feet high and tend to sprawl out from the bed into the paths unless you surround the bed with poles carrying several lines of twine to keep them vertical.

Higgy 06-11-12 09:09 AM

OMG...I didn't realize they got that big. Damnit...ok, where I put them is NOT the correct spot then. Yikes. Time to google asparagus.

Thanks Basjoos.

basjoos 06-11-12 01:58 PM

They often get only 4 to 5 feet high, but if well fed, can reach 8 to 9 feet in height. You can also double crop asparagus by planting a tall vining cherry tomato such as Matt's Wild cherry tomato in the bed and let it climb among the cloud of asparagus foliage. The sparce tomato foliage doesn't reduce the production of asparagus. Also, if you live in a rainy climate, you can scatter small amounts of salt on the bed to discourage weed growth. Asparagus is a salt marsh plant and can tolerate higher salt levels than most weeds

PaleMelanesian 07-27-12 09:17 AM

Matt's wild cherry is definitely producing well for me. Trouble is, they're tiny and to me not very tasty. The Sungold beside it produces slightly more and they're soooo sweet and delicious. Black cherry is also delicious - less sweet and more tomato-ey but less productive. I'm not sure I'll do Matt's again.

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