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MishaB 03-31-15 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 44457)
Yeah, I don't like doing the same thing over and over. Thankfully the time needed to do the work isn't bad at all. But, waiting for the drying has been a pain. I'm pushing to get this done as soon as I can, and you can't really speed up the drying process, or when the weather allows you to work. :)

Yeh at least it didn't go as bad as some of the examples MetroMPG showed!

Glad to see you're getting it sorted now though:thumbup:

Daox 04-27-15 09:26 AM

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This weekend my cousin came over and we finished up installing the rest of the window trim. I think it turned out very nice.

So, with this, the room is basically done. I just have to finish up a few odds and ends like stain the actual window, install electrical outlet covers, hanging the ceiling fan and putting down transition pieces for the flooring.

pinballlooking 04-27-15 09:36 AM

It looks really nice! All that hard work is paying off.

Daox 10-26-15 01:50 PM

I just noticed that I never really came back and said its done. But, its been done for a few months now haha. Its really nice to be done with a project like this. Perhaps it would be small for some, but for me (first time doing this) it was quite a bit of work.

MetroMPG 10-28-15 01:58 PM

Is the floor heating switched on yet?

Daox 10-28-15 02:23 PM

Hah, no it isn't. I don't have any of the hydronic floor heating setup in my house right now.

gasstingy 07-23-19 08:32 AM

I don't think a popcorn ceiling would be tough to get rid of, but could be more time consuming than you expect.

We repainted a popcorn ceiling one time with a heavily loaded paint roller. Since we were going slow (trying to get full coverage on one coat) the wetness of the paint filled roller had the popcorn coming loose and falling off. So, it was our experience that when the ceiling gets wet enough, the popcorn will fall off of its own accord. It doesn't take water hose wetness, but I believe I'd wet a paint roller and go slowly back and forth and see what happens.

pinballlooking 07-23-19 09:02 AM

You can use KILZ to put one coat on it to cover it up works well.

Don't put a heavy coat on it. Just enough to cover the stain seems to work best.

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