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oil pan 4 05-19-16 04:10 PM

Next round of updates will be to install an amp meter on the output of the MPPT and PWM chargers. That will make it easier to adjust the solar panels to find the most amps.
And a frequency 50/60hz meter for the main generator.

oil pan 4 02-05-17 10:52 AM

I have been using my 7kw generator here and there.
The solar panel attached to the top is doing fine.
The muffler is not doing as well.

oil pan 4 02-09-17 03:13 PM

My generator failed to start my 2.5hp compressor that runs at about 5hp at shut off.
I put the generator on the compressor when it was empty and the starting surge bogged the engine down to the point where it wouldn't get back up to speed.
I would like for the generator to be able to run this generator. So I am going to add some performance enhancements to the engine and add a soft start to the air compressor.
Since the generator needs a new exhaust I am going to make a 4ft long primary tube exhaust pipe and a better intake. The intake came on this engine what you also find on 5 to 7 horsepower mowers and pressure washers.

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