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ecomodded 02-09-15 02:04 PM

I really like the idea of burning waste oil for heat , once you find your supply your set.

A high pressure fluid transfer pump could be used to siphon and inject the fuel out of the nozzle , to reduce maintenance cycles you could use multiple nozzles , which in effect would reduce the flow rate past each nozzle.

I am thinking a pump would need more grunt then pressure , 25 psi *might* be enough pressure to spray the thicker oil adequately.

Greg 02-11-15 09:40 AM

Yah there are lots of ideas on the net with that preasure principle. I wouldn't mind playing with a babington burner but as I said I have solar and can't have the electrical draw from my batteries to run a compressor. How convienent it would be to have plugs live 24/7 but then u have a bill. I made this work with the stuff I had at hand and it works well on 50% WVO and contaminated jet fuel. Still free heat.


ecomodded 02-11-15 11:32 AM

The Jet fuel = kerosene

I used to deliver drums of Jet fuel out to the Bush for our work helicopters , I felt safer knowing it was a Type of kerosene.

I bet it thins the WVO very well.

Greg 03-24-16 09:26 AM

Check out YouTube 2jeffs1 he has a nice wood stove conversion I kind of copied for mine and it works well.

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