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osolemio 04-27-21 04:06 AM

Using (solar) heat for dehumidification and cooling
I am doing an extensive project in Hong Kong, where I will use solar thermal power to dehumidify the humid summer air, then the same heat to cool it off.

Stage 1 is a series of filters, to clean the air.

Stage 2 is a desiccant dehumidifier (spinning wheel type)

Stage 3 is an absorption chiller

10 split air condition units and 5 electric instant water heaters will all eventually become obsolete, as the new system will take over.

The conditioned air is going to be ducted through the house.

The hot water will also come from the solar thermal energy.

For a few months during the winter, slight heating can be desired. This winter, the inside of my house was down to below 15 C / 59F. With all the concrete and brick, and no carpets, that's a bit too cold for comfort. So the system will obviously provide heating rather than cooling, when that makes more sense.

An 800 liter (225 USG) insulated water buffer will act as a battery to stretch the system to work overnight.

We will develop our own "Diffuse Light Concentration Tech" solar panels, to keep the system running (albeit at lower yield), even during overcast/rain.\

According to the local energy authorities, A/C (18%) and hot domestic water (6%) accounts for around 1/4 of all the energy expenditure in Hong Kong. That is not even counting the energy used for heating in the winter months (although that is probably just a few percent).

In other words, there is a huge potential here for carbon emission reductions, or "decarbonization" as it's also called here.

Ideas and feedback very welcome.

Daox 04-27-21 06:19 PM

Sounds like a very fun project. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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