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Xringer 07-20-12 12:10 AM

I was pleased with the light output too. Those 40W LEDs are brighter than many 60W CFLs..
The funny looking Home depot 60w leds seem like a real incandescent 65w.. :)

RobbMeeX 07-21-12 05:11 PM

I am renting a place with a three bulb (60Wx3) fixture at the mirror and a 75W bulb in the overhead. 255W of midnight "stop" power. I cannabalized a ceetain energy drinks display sign to find a strip of like 20 leds and sticky on the back. I stuck it under our mirror cabinet for a total power waste of only 5W with plenty of light!
I am diggin it.
PS> I had to loosen the middle bulb in the 3bulb fixture. Too much (heat)
Edit: Good news is the string only runs at 2W, unfortunately my KAW seems to have developed a 2-3w base load...

nexsuperne 07-22-12 12:56 PM

I have just picked up 10no gu10 230 volt led downlights for 35.99 delivered. 29 leds in each which are the 5050SMD version. 520 lumen at 7.5 watts. I went for the warm white, as the light colour is closer to halogen.

The price has come down so much in just a couple of years, and the lumen output is fantastic.

As a side note, I also have 4no 27 watt 12 volt 9led spotlights on the roof of my Land Rover Discovery, which put out a total of 8,600 lumen! These are good because at 9 amps total drain, they can be left on for 6 hours on a standard car battery and still start the engine.

Exalta-STA 07-29-12 03:23 AM

Just replaced a 50w halogen pin light with a 2W yellow LED..

it's a big help since the painting the halogen pin light was pointed at doesn't feel hot anymore and I use it as an accent/ambient night won't feel guilty waking up late with a 2w light turned on a few hours more than a 50w one

Oh and there are quite a large number of dimmable LEDs available now compared to a year ago. It's good that this is catching on.

Planning to use LED strips on the garage for use when Im working on cars at night.

opiesche 07-31-12 07:09 PM

I've used strings of 10 LED modules with 4 LEDs each (about 1.1W per module or so) for ceiling lights in my office. Mounted them on a painted 1/8" piece of plywood with a piece of acrylic (coated with Krylon frosted glass spray) on 1" distancers, and screwed directly to the ceiling. Looks great, is easy to install, and at about 20W gives me the same light as about 50W of CFLs.
I plan on transitioning most of the lighting in our house to LEDs. The modules I used are available for about 22 bucks for a string of 20 of them!

opiesche 07-31-12 07:11 PM

Dimming LEDs
Also, if you plan on dimming LEDs, make sure to use a PWM dimmer. Simply reducing the voltage (with a regular dimmer) will dim the LED, but will significantly reduce its life span.

classradiance 09-24-12 01:29 PM

I hunted around for weeks and found many Great videos and products on utube & Ebay etc ..

I purchased a couple of them and they blew my mind.
10W/15W @ 12V exteriors or Interior.

The quality and Strength of light at such low power has forced me to dump tubes.
Cheap light systems are now here. How much will you save ?

- Super flux -

AC_Hacker 09-26-12 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by classradiance (Post 24466)
Cheap light systems are now here. How much will you save ?

Why don't you do a break-even analysis? ... (LINK HERE)


nexsuperne 09-27-12 01:07 AM


Originally Posted by AC_Hacker (Post 24490)
Why don't you do a break-even analysis? ... (LINK HERE)


Bit of a no brainer really, I pay 2 for a 50 watt halogen bulb, which emits 320 lumen and costs 0.5p an hour to run. I then pay 3 for a 7.5 watt 520 lumen led bulb, which costs 0.075p an hour to run. Every hour I save 0.425p by using the led.
In 236 hours, the extra 1 I paid for the bulb will be repaid in running cost savings. Typically, with the lights on for 5 hours a night, this is just just short of 7 weeks.
Leds should last 30,000 hours, so if that was the case would save 12,750p (127.50) on each bulb.
In my case, I have 20 of these, so would save 2550! Compared to 50w halogen.

classradiance 09-27-12 03:12 AM

So are the low voltage appliances also cheaper to run ?
or have the manufacturers just changed the Power Supply Unit spec to fit demand in a Lower Voltage Market ?

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