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AC_Hacker 07-02-12 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by MarkM66 (Post 22742)
Anyone have experience with these bulbs?

There are several sellers of LED bulbs on ebay, each selling more than one kind of LED bulb.

Providing a link would be helpful.


MarkM66 07-02-12 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by diyEthic (Post 22753)
What brand and wattage are you looking at on Ebay? and what level of brightness do you need? Do you need dimmable?

I don't need dimmable. The brighter the better.

There's a ton on ebay, just looking for a bulb with good results. As in, not burning out to soon, etc.

MarkM66 07-02-12 08:43 AM

Something like this;

New GU10 20 LED 110V Prue White Light Bulb Lamp Flood Dimmable | eBay

diyEthic 07-02-12 10:33 AM

That example would not be very bright - 80 lumens is about the brightness of a 10 or 15 watt halogen. The other thing to watch for is color temperature. the one you linked, for example, would have a very bluish cool color to it: undesirable for most.

munter 07-02-12 09:36 PM

My experience with eBay LEDs has been pretty poor. I have had two 4W GU10 bulbs melt their lenses and fall apart. The other two bulbs from the same order switched on intermittently and then just stopped working.
On the other hand, I have also used dedicated LED fittings from Brightgreen and Thinkwise with good results. I use downlights from both in our house and I am very happy with them. No failures and good colour tone. Expectations were pretty high for these two given that they are considerably more expensive than the unbranded products from ebay.

I have also used LED strip for under cabinet lighting. Just regular $20/5m strip off ebay has proven to be perfectly acceptable for regular kitchen use.

The range of LED options out there these days is really quite amazing. It makes selecting products quite a challenge.

AC_Hacker 07-13-12 07:41 PM

ebay Chinese LED bulbs
I bought about a dozen LED bulbs from several different suppliers and they all shipped from China.

They all worked when I got them. I did have some minor problems like a decorative ring fell off of one, but that was very easy to fix.

The 'infant mortality' rate of these "50,000 hour" bulbs has been around 15 to 20%... If they had been purchased locally I would have returned the dead bulbs to the store. As it is, I can't ship them back to China for what I paid for them.

But, for $3 or $4 or $5 per bulb I'm still doing OK.

Also, the 'warm white' bulbs I got look a bit yellowish when compared side to side with warm white LED bulbs that I purchased here. But if I'm not doing a side by side comparison, it doesn't matter so much.

So all in all, I'm not getting as good a deal as I thought I would get. But I would buy more, only I'd allow for maybe 20% more bulbs than I need to compensate for infant mortality.


Xringer 07-13-12 08:27 PM

Utilitech LEDs not ready for prime time..
I found what seemed like some nice LED blubs at Lowes..
Shop Utilitech 40-Watt Equivalent Indoor Warm White LED Light Bulb at

But, I've already had to return (for free replacement) four (4) of these
new Utilitech 40-Watt Equivalent LED blubs. (out of about a dozen).

Not very long lasting.. I do get a bit of high line voltage at times. Right now, it's 124.3 vac.
My TED recorded a peak of 140.5 vac at 9:30AM this morning..
If the line is really getting that high, when the LEDs are on, I can see
how that could cause damage to the PS in the base of the blubs..

I do have a couple of the Philips 12-Watt (60W) LEDs,
12-Watt (60W) LED A19 Soft White (2700K) Light Bulb (E)*-423343 at The Home Depot

and so far they seem to be lasting a while..

celblazer 07-19-12 04:46 PM

I just picked up 5 of the Utilitech 40-Watt Equivalent LED bulbs to replace some of the heavier used lights in the house and the ones my roommates kid keeps forgetting to turn off. LOL. Thanks for the heads up. They look great and should pay for themselves fairly quickly. I hope they last.

Xringer 07-19-12 06:14 PM

Forgetting to turn them off isn't the same as forgetting to turn off a 40 watt load..
You would have to leave about five of them on to use the same amount of power.
The light fixture above our kitchen table uses five.. (37.5 watts total)..
Green slot :: LEds video by Xringer - Photobucket

we have that kitchen lamp on about 2 to 3 hours a day..
One of our 60w eq LEDs in the den is on 5 or 6 hours each night.
We are leaving the rarely used CFLs in place for now..

One the side of the Utilitech box, it says, Return to store for replacement.
Good for 2 years anyways. Now that I have a new receipt, I'm good for 2 more years!!

celblazer 07-19-12 11:23 PM

Yea I replaced 3 in the Kitchen fixture that were 40w each and 2 60w that he keeps leaving on at night, so just those 2 will save me 105w for at least the 10 hours or more when they are left on which is most nights. So just a tad over a kilowatt per day saved on just the 2 or as much as $57 a year at my current electric rate.

And even though they are only 40w equivalent they put plenty of light out, I was actually surprised.

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