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AC_Hacker 08-11-13 03:39 PM

Ikea switching to all LED lighting products by 2016
I was leafing through the new Ikea catalog, and found this statement:


By 2016, we'll switch all of the lamps and lightbulbs we sell to LED. LED uses up to 85% less energy and lasts up to 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
This should have a very favorable effect on the price of LED lighting. Since Ikea sells so many units, the effect on economy of scale will be to help drive LED prices down to commodity price levels, on a very wide scale.

A visit to Ikea yesterday revealed a growing selection of attractive LED lamps and bulbs. But the miracle of commodity price levels on LED light bulbs has not come to Ikea yet.



Exalta-STA 08-24-13 11:06 PM

Almost done converting the lighting in the house to LEDs..and loving it. They're more compact and use less power. I'm using locally made LEDs that have a better quality than the CHinese made ones.

The only reason why I couldn't fully replace all as of this time is because I have yet to consult an interior designer on where to put the others and what style to use (downlight,chandelier,etc)

...i'm quite finicky with styling. and yeah, my electricity bill is significantly lower. What I save from not buying those donuts and coffee, i use to buy LEDs LOL :D

gasstingy 08-26-13 07:58 AM

I replaced two 13w CFL {60w equivalent} curly cue bulbs in can lights over our kitchen sink with 8w LED floods {40w equivalent}. The sink is lit every bit as well as before. There is noticeably less light spilled over on the counter surfaces on both sides of the sink though. That's not a deal breaker.

Our next bulb swap will be replacing a pair of halogens in our Braun range hood. That's waiting on me to take one out so I have an example to take with me to the big box store. Seems there is more than one choice of the bulbs base.

Xringer 08-26-13 08:24 AM

I have some CFL outdoor flood lights in some of my IR sensor security lights.
They aren't real bright in warm weather, but I don't really need super bright.
But, during cold weather they stink..

So, I'm looking to try a couple of LEDs on my north facing fixture.
Don't want to break the LED bank, but 100w equiv would be nice..
Anyone have a favorite outdoor LED?

NeilBlanchard 08-29-13 08:55 PM

Since LED's are somewhat directional, they can be brighter than the equivalency would indicate. 100W equivalent bulbs are quite expensive - the only one I have was about $50. I use it in my garage as a work light - it won't break easily but I have no idea if it can withstand direct rain and snow, etc.

elhigh 08-30-13 08:15 AM

I think China is the problem

Originally Posted by AC_Hacker (Post 31012)
I bought quite a few LED bulbs from China also, and the price and promise of long life were definite selling points.

However, the mortality rate of the LED bulbs I got has not been a confidence builder (now approaching 50% after about two years).


Actually the lamps I'm using are also probably Chinese - what cheap electronic geegaw isn't these days - but mine are hanging tough. Maybe you need to purchase from a bigger name, one that exacts a bit more quality control over the product.

The spots and floods in the peak of the chapel, placed there because a 50,000hr lifespan looked awfully attractive when the fixture is 35' from the floor, are good. I've had one die and I'm not renting a lift just for one lamp. There's about 19 more so we're still good.

The Home Depot-sourced floods in the lobby are in good shape, most are over a year.

All my LED lamp installations at work have been Phillips brand, with a few Lithonia brand for the outdoor fixtures.

oil pan 4 09-01-13 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by Xringer (Post 31301)
I have some CFL outdoor flood lights in some of my IR sensor security lights.
They aren't real bright in warm weather, but I don't really need super bright.
But, during cold weather they stink..

So, I'm looking to try a couple of LEDs on my north facing fixture.
Don't want to break the LED bank, but 100w equiv would be nice..
Anyone have a favorite outdoor LED?

I have found LED do really well in a few areas.
Cold climate, when you need instant full brightness especially in the cold, off grid with DC power and in directional or flood light applications.
Also they don't put off nearly as much heat.

Other wise I use $1each CFLs indoors. I do admit I have a few inside LEDs but only because they were on clearance at walmart.
I don't see the point in using $10 to $20 LEDs when $1 CFLs work perfect.

I do have 1 LED drop light, I use it when I work in tight confined spaces, it puts off a lot less heat and wont burn me or anything around it.

As far as LEDs go with off grid with DC they have saved my butt from having a dead battery a couple of time when I left the running lights in my suburban on for a few hours.

jlaw 10-15-13 04:53 PM

I have been buying my LED lamps from Tmart: Thousands of Products, Manufacturer Price, Free Shipping Worldwide. They have a huge selection and great information on lamp brightness equivalents to incandescent and cfl.
Remember if you want a right white color you need to get a lamp temperature from 5000 to 7000 kelvin. A more yellow or cool white would be in 3000 to 4000 kelvin range.
The corn row style lamps, they look just like a corn cob with rows of leds on the side and some on the end, give a much broader light distribution. The globe shapes give some dispersal but more limited. Some are just spotlights. has charts that will describe the different features and compare to other lamps. The E14 size base is a standard screw in bulb. I was somewhat disappointed that they do not at this time have an E12 size base which is the equivalent of candelabra bases becoming much more common.

Have a look at thewebsite if just for the useful information you don't find other places, especially Lowes. Very low prices, lots of choices, cost includes shipping, one drawback is long ship time from Hong Kong. I have always received my products as described and they are very prompt in responding to inquiries and they do have some stuff in US wharehouses.

I hope this helps someone. My LED lamps are working great and I have purchases the corn row stle, small spotlight style, and the globe style. they are all used for different purposes. My experience has been to up size wattage a step above what you think is enough.

Quest 10-15-13 10:39 PM

so far I have used Philips, Ikea, GeeEee and Cree. I luv Cree the most, with GeeEee ranking at the bottom of my "like" list. I got those 40W equivalent Cree LEDs from home Deport before they jacked up their pricing. As for Philips: we got local untility rebates for them so 60Watts equivalent works out to 9.95CAD/ea. Those Ikeas I bought 40Watters are really good as far as colour rendition's concerned (truly around 2700k), but one of the 2 I bought has a faint buzz...

I'm still using CFLs in my house ( I got 26pot lights throughout the entire house so I cannot replace them all with LEDs), and some I managed to squeeze over 7k hours out of them before the film cap burned out (those darn mylar film caps, don't trust them at all).


Xringer 10-15-13 11:50 PM

Cree LEDs on the way..
After the last batch were smashed and returned, I'm trying one more time..
If these are NG, I'm gonna try for replacements at the local HD store.
They don't sell 4-Packs at stores.. :mad:
So it might be a problem getting them to come around.

Cree 9.5-Watt (65W) Soft White (2700K) BR30 Dimmable LED Flood Light Bulb (4-Pack)
Model # BBR30-06527FLF-12DE26-1U110

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