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pinballlooking 06-10-21 11:18 PM

I just bought two 55-ton Power Team SPX hydraulic presses off marketplace.
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One will be used for dimpling the other for a 40” brake press. I have a HF press for a brake press now I will not miss it. Going from air to a hydraulic pump will be great so much faster.

This is the model I bought. This is what they cost new.
I picked them up for $1,500 for the pair. Not cheap but far better than $26,784 plus shipping for two new ones.

I bought a 40 ton press last year that worked well but I will be selling that one.

The new ones will be so much faster. you can set them to put pressure watch the gauge when it hits the right pressure let off it can auto release and retract.

This should cut dimpling steps time in 1/2. We have sold over 300 steps they get 4 dimples each we have done 1332 dimples. Cutting the time in 1/2 will be welcome.

This being a side business it is not uncommon to be in the garage 11:30 1200... the pneumatic press has a very loud thumping noise even though my neighbors not very close I'm sure they could hear that. These are very quiet and do not need the air compressor to run to use them.

pinballlooking 06-11-21 01:59 PM

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If you wanted to buy new ones you can get a similar OTC 55 ton press for 8,188.32 shipped x 2 = 16,376.64
Better buy still more than I would want to pay.

pinballlooking 06-13-21 12:13 PM

Here is it in action. These presses are so nice. What a great add to my shop.
so much more precise than my old pneumatic press.

pinballlooking 06-15-21 09:01 PM

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I was looking at this thing called a Unipunch where you can use your press to press out a hole.
I use a Magnetic drill to make my bucket and root ripper ears. It works well but is time consuming.
You need a heavy duty one to punch a 30 mm hole in 3/8” plate steel. It also takes around 41 tons to press a hole in it.
I could plasma cut a few of the and just press the holes in them. They all could be more exact there really is not play or a few thousands play in the holes lining up.
If anyone has ever used one of these would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Here is someone using one on a very small press.

pinballlooking 06-17-21 07:19 PM

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I asked some people that know more about punching thick steel than I do. They said that it would not work for a bucket pin where the pin was moving.
So I scrapped that idea.
My new presses have a single acting hydraulic pumps.
I just ordered CH-70 and it will use one of those pumps. I will need to add a quick connector for the hydraulic line.
I have a 5 off coupon. Not to bad for a shipped price.
I will need to get some square dies and oblong ones.

some specs.

Here is one working.
It is like this one and this video is in English.

I would have bought the 50 ton one but it requires double acting hydraulic pump and I only have single acting pumps.

dguzzi 06-24-21 04:08 PM

I have a hydraulic tank/pump and 2 cylinders w/flow control valves. Your press(s) are just the type project for it, although I don't know the pump capacity relative to the 1 hp motor driving it. I wish I could find a suitable frame. You got a great price! Now can we send you some projects?

pinballlooking 06-24-21 04:26 PM

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If you could fine some good H beams you could build one.

Thanks. We have been really enjoying the new presses. I will take a short video of it bending steel. It does not even break a sweet.

I sold my 40 ton press and applied that money toward these. that brought these down to $825.

I just ordered quick connects for one of the pumps so I can connect up the new hydraulic punch. That thing is heavy.

Still debating on ordering a 100 ton punch from china. I will see how the holes look with this one before I decide to spend that much money. It may be possible to punch hole a little under size and ream it.

I am going to try a Drill-Use Annular Cutter adapter. It just came in.
My cheap drill press goes down to 300 rpm so it may be good for this job.
Yes this is going into my $10 drill press.

dguzzi 06-24-21 04:42 PM

There was a tool called a Python or Piranha (?) its used for notching and punching and forming... anyway, seems you are sort of building one!
Maybe someone knows what I mean. The one I saw was about the size of a kitchen table very versatile for repair work and fabrication.

pinballlooking 06-24-21 04:47 PM


The ironworker 55 is nice.

They sell its metal shear separate and I could use it on my presses.

There are a few different ones but they all do the same things.
They are nice but expensive.

dguzzi 06-24-21 04:58 PM

Oh yea, I expected big $$!

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