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Dave291973 12-09-15 10:00 AM

Logs or wood chips.........
Just wondering of the thoughts from the rest of you on this
I'm planning on burning wood in my new house I have a farm plenty of trees
Now my thoughts are burn logs or chips as I could by a tractor chipper and it would be a lot less labor than logs and also would use up all the small stuff.
Pros and cons?
Also what's best to burn chips heat water with?

Fordguy64 12-09-15 10:42 AM

So I experimented with a wood chip heater for a little while. Think pellet stove burner. I had an auger burn chamber and a forced induction fan. I stopped working on it mainly because I just don't have the space to store wood chips and to keep them dry. Lots of local tree company's put the chips on Craigslist for free/really cheap. The wood chips don't last long if they are not dried very well. Since the wood chips are typically wet they do not offer very much btu per pound.

So it really just depends on what you feel like building.

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