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walterr 10-01-18 11:13 AM

Buying a new chainsaw
I would like to buy a chainsaw for smaller trees. I would like to know which ones do you have and would recommend to me.

marian 10-08-18 06:00 AM

What is your price limit? Do you have a dealer nearby, who can help you with a recommendation? If so, what is it that is selling (Stihl, Husquvarna, etc.)?
I personally have Stihl (026 and 034). Although they are now already a bit older spikes, but they are o robust (we make 20 solid meters of firewood a year + possibly long wood). If you are looking for second-hand chainsaws, then I would recommend you Stihl 026 or MS 260. They are enough for your purposes and you would have room for improvement.
Husqvarna is also building very good saws. You can also have a look. Have previously worked only with larger Huski saws and they are very good, that's maybe something would come into question for you.
If you are looking for a new chainsaw then I would recommend you to visit this website and read some reviews. It will surely help you by the desition...

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