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nibs 07-04-15 10:48 PM

Ugly electric tractor.
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Some flikr shots of the worlds ugliest electric tractor.

You can see the blade, fixed by a chain to the forks, being operated by the forklift winch. (a HF 2500# winch, note the remote failed within about 6 weeks use so I put in a golf cart reversing switch which was laying around in my parts bin)
We do quite a bit of cement work, so I rigged the wheel barrow..... oops the wheel is gone so its just a barrow. The picks show it placing dirt, for cement I raised the mixer so that it could dump into the barrow, then off to the formwork.
winch the barrow up & put a bar under the handles. lower the barrow until it is close to dumping, then it is easy to lift the barrow by hand to dump the mud.
Moved the batteries into a box mounted behind the rear wheels, traction gallore.
Originally had the 4pcs 6V golf cart batts where the engine had been.
Took two 24 V push mower motors and blades, installed them into a deck, which mounts Under the forks and uses the fork winch for height control, the mower works ok but does not do as even a job as a belly mower.

Still using a solenoid resistor set up for speed control, just do not have the resources to get a whizz bang controller.

Latest uses for the tractor, placing concrete into ICF forms did about a 4 bag pour, tough going for this ole geezer, and a few days ago lifted 4 18ft beams, 6"X8" off the ground and onto the flat roof area where they will be used as part of the roof.

If anyone wants to bring the photos in properly feel free, this ole geezer is just not computer literate any more.

gasstingy 07-06-15 08:39 AM

Agreed, it is an ugly tractor and I like it a lot. Quite a bit of ingenuity went into making something useful from stuff I imagine was just lying around.

pinballlooking 07-06-15 11:04 AM

Very cool and useful. Good job.
What motor does it have

Daox 07-06-15 11:17 AM

That is a pretty sweet ugly tractor! :)

nibs 07-07-15 09:58 PM

The motor is a series wound 3 hp @ 24V beast, it just hauls, will run all day moving gravel or cement. Am guessing about a 5 mile range running light.
Pity the remote on the HF fork lift winch failed, the plan was to put a scaffold platform on the forks & with the remote, no need to have a ladder.

nibs 08-01-15 04:45 PM

The steering has quit on the tractor so am in the process of replacing the craftsman junk steering with an electric actuator and joystick. will let you know how it works.

nibs 08-02-15 12:20 AM

Well the steering wheel is disconnected and an actuator is bolted in, seems to work ok but I do not have a dpdt switch to work as a joy stick, should be able to get one by Tuesday.
May leave the steering wheel in place for the grand kids to play with when they visit.

Daox 08-03-15 09:13 AM

Interesting... I wanna see pics when this is done. :)

MetroMPG 08-12-15 11:14 AM

Love it!


Still using a solenoid resistor set up for speed control, just do not have the resources to get a whizz bang controller.
Simple works. Is this a stepped setup, or variable? If stepped, how many speeds? Is jerky it to operate?

I used a 400A 48v golf cart controller for years in my converted Geo Metro ev runabout.

jeff5may 08-12-15 11:53 AM

In forum pics:

Gotta love the price! Stuff like this is how America was (and still is) built.

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