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launboy 05-02-20 12:38 PM

Emporia Vue Energy Monitor
Been looking for a way to monitor power use and found that unitS with logging get expensive quick. Then I found the Emporia Vue. $100 gets you 2 200amp CTs, and 8 50 amp CTs as well as cloud based logging reported through their app. Updates are to the second and you can export two weeks of data via CSV to process however youd like. The main feed CTs do net metering for solar as well. Still a new product and their app dev team on the forum seems to be adding more features as quickly as they can.

Only got it installed last night but the numbers Im getting seem in line with what Id expect. Im looking forward to processing the data to see where I can decrease usage and which energy saving efforts make the biggest difference. Specifically in temperature settings on my mini-split which is my sole source of heat in WI. Day one my biggest revelation which I already kind of knew. Electric hot water heating is EXPENSIVE.

Check it out! Seems like exactly the kind of thing fellow Ecorenovators would find useful so I had to share!

pinballlooking 05-02-20 08:07 PM

Thanks for posting this I HAVE TED the energy detective. It does not work very well and has been getting worse. I will be checking this out.
Where did you buy it?

pinballlooking 05-03-20 03:35 PM

I looked at their product. Looks promising the price and web feed is great.
They don't even talk about solar on their web site.
Solar people are a big target audience we watch power usage much closer than most people taht are not on this site :rolleyes:.

pinballlooking 05-04-20 12:38 PM

I have one on order. I will use this to show how much power my shop is using. The solar is over the shop so it will not be 100% accurate but better than what I have now. I can start making the shop pay is own power bill.

I sent them a email about solar.

"The Vue is capable of net metering solar generation. The two 200A sensors that ship with the Vue are directional and can measure any energy that is generated in excess of your consumption - as long as the sensors are installed between your utility meter and the solar input to your system. You can also use the 50A sensors, these are NOT directional, that come with the Expansion Module to measure the amount of energy generated by your solar system."

My solar is on a 70 amp breaker the goes to a sub panel.
The directional power will help me know how much power my shop is using.

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