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Xringer 01-20-19 07:30 PM

Gree will be tested. 34 hours under 9F in the forecast
It starts at midnight tonight. I'm astounded by this forecast.
Our current snow (snow ice pellet mix) is going to become rock-like for days!

I've never seen single digit cold that persisted this long.
This may break records for this area.
If the grid fails, a lot of people will be in deep trouble.

Getting a better temp vs dew-point separation. Could mean less defrost cycles..

Xringer 01-22-19 09:15 PM

When it got back up to 10F this morning, I turned the old Sanyo back on!

pinballlooking 01-22-19 09:32 PM

How did the Gree do?

Xringer 01-23-19 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by pinballlooking (Post 60510)
How did the Gree do?

It kept the main house warm the whole time.
I did notice it doing a few defrost cycles, but it worked normally.

At one point I turned the Sanyo back on for a quick test at 5F..
It was making heat, but not very much per-watt.
Oddly, it didn't just shut itself down, like it did when the big drop occurred.

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