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Xringer 06-07-11 04:48 PM

SunTex Solar Screen project
We have two west facing windows in our TV den that are collecting heat like crazy.
The inside curtains measure over 100F during a typical sunny day.

The 48" x 48" kits came today, just in time. It's going to be scorching this week.

I hope get these assembled before tomorrow afternoon.. :eek:

Daox 06-07-11 06:51 PM

So, this is a special screen that reflects the sunlight vs absorbing it?

Xringer 06-07-11 08:27 PM

They are saying it "blocks 80%" of the sunlight.

This diagram/pic, of the shows it reflecting 'solar energy'

My theory is, absorption and re-radiation as radiant heat is going be limited.
Since the material is plastic-like, it's not going to work real well (as an absorber)
and it can only hold so much. If it could continuously absorb energy,
it would melt down pretty quickly..
So, it must be reflecting most of the energy, somehow.

I'll have to look at the material outside in the sun, if it looks shiny, then we'll know.
If it doesn't look shiny, it will be interesting to see what kind of temperatures it runs at..

Xringer 06-08-11 02:17 PM

One down, and one to go..
Assembly job on a thin carpet, over a flat hardwood floor..

Tip: Tape up the blade when you trim off the excess.

It's the window on the right. (It's hard to see inside from here)!
Dang, that new screen makes the window look better! :D

Light coming in is cut by 80%..The old half screen is still installed on the right.

But the view isn't too obscured..

These things aren't easy to put together, if your hands are a bit arthritic,
might be better to order the pre-made screens.. :o

I'm thinking of leaving the 2nd screen for tomorrow.. :o

Daox 06-08-11 03:11 PM

From your pictures, it certainly looks like it blocks a lot more light.

Xringer 06-08-11 03:55 PM

Now, I can watch my Netflix during the afternoon! :)
without flash,
with flash.

It's about 0.03" thick, as you can see, it's got about 16 holes per inch.
It does look a little reflective from either side.

I measured a deck rail that was angled towards the sun and it showed
about 150F, other areas of the deck, with off-angle surfaces were in the 130-140 range.

Measuring the screens from a side angle (so as not to measure reflection from the inside glass),
I got an average of 140 deg F.

Since the AC has been off most of the day, and we had the 400w Plasma
running, the den was quite warm, in the mid 80s.
The room is cooling off now, and the curtains are only about 6 degs above
the room temperature.
My wife was measuring both windows, (while I was building #2),
and found the Solar Screened curtains were typically 15 degrees cooler.

I found that using a special gripper glove (to hold the roller tool)
and roofer's knee-pads really sped up the second window. (30 minutes)! :


Daox 06-08-11 04:06 PM

So, its more of a shade than a reflector. I'm guessing if the screen was on the inside (I have some casement windows that have the screen on the inside) it wouldn't do much good.

Xringer 06-08-11 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 13979)
So, its more of a shade than a reflector. I'm guessing if the screen was on the inside (I have some casement windows that have the screen on the inside) it wouldn't do much good.

I think you're right. One of ideas I had when I first heard about these Solar Screens,
was to install them inside south facing windows during the winter.

They would provide privacy, slow the air flow off the glass a bit,
and would re-radiate solar heat into the room, without bright sun coming into the room.
And, the lady of the house will like not having their curtains and furniture being bleached out by the sun.

Actually, instead of applying a heat-shrink plastic film over windows during the winter,
just use some clear plastic (even a clear drop-cloth) over the indoor screen.
That would really cut down the air flow off the glass!

Xringer 06-08-11 05:23 PM

Some Solar Screen info links:

Where I got my American made kits.
Solar Screen Kits : QUALITY SCREEN CO, Window Screens & Solar Screen Supplies, Kits & Parts Online


YouTube - ‪Phifer Exterior Sun Control Products‬‏

YouTube - ‪Making shade screens‬‏

This one really amazed me. Those Stucco screens look like Solid panels!
Visibility through our 90% Stucco Solar Screen Fabric Interview
YouTube - ‪Visibility through our 90% Stucco Solar Screen Fabric Interview‬‏

Xringer 06-26-11 08:47 AM

Where's Mr. Sunshine?
I hear it's going up to 80F today!! Maybe this means the summer is going to start back up again?
It sure seems like it's been too cool and rainy for too long!! (No global warmth here).. :mad:

So, today, maybe the solar screens will come in handy!! :D

We are finding the down-side of Solar screens.
Not too useful if the weather in your area is getting cooler every summer. :(

If you live in the NE and have been thinking about buying some Solar screens,
you might want to hold off a couple of years, to see what happens with 'Climate Change'..
Is the Sunspot Cycle About to Stop? - News Blog -

I'm starting to think about taking them off, until we actually get some hot sunny days.
Since the windows stay shut during cool weather, we don't need screens to keep out bugs.
Removing/replacing them, might turn out to be a small amount of work, if the weather trend doesn't change.

Last 5 days..

My wife does not want me to use the Sanyo to warm up the house,
so we are wearing winter clothes and using blankets while watching TV..

My kid called yesterday. She had a problem with the central HVAC system.
No heat!! LOL!!

At least when we go for walks or bike rides, we don't have to hear the racket of all the ACs running.. :thumbup:
Just need to dress warm and dry..

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