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pinballlooking 01-04-16 03:07 PM

I bought a used Large Big Green Egg.
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Since is uses hard wood only to cook with I thought this would be a good place to post it. (but it can be moved if you don't agree where it is posted)
This is what it looked like on the craigslist ad.
I drove to Charlotte NC to pick it up. But I think it was worth it.
It came with a plate setter used for indirect cooking. A cover and a cart that was in so so shape.
No cracks and they never used lighter fluid in it (that kills a BGE).
The vent is cast iron and had one ear broken off but he gave me the piece that was broken.
Fixed it.
He said I needed a new temperature probe and new springs for the lid.

When I got it home I pressured washed the stand added some screws. I calibrated the temperature probe it works fine now. I adjusted the hinge it works fine now. I put some new bolts that were not rusted just for looks.

I have ordered a rutland gasket for it. It can take 2200 degrees.
From ebay I ordered Weber 7439 Replacement Charcoal Grate for it for $14 shipped.
I put on a smoke ware Chimney Cap. Grilling Accessories for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe – Smokeware
This will allow you to open the egg and not have to readjust the air flow every time. You can cook in hard rain with this. You don’t need to take this off to put one the fire when you are done cooking.

I have cooked a pork roast 10 hours straight. It just fell off the bone.

This is how I start the charcoal it takes maybe 4 min and I am up to temp in the egg in no time at all quicker that the propane grill.

I had never cooked on one before but I really like it. It is so surprising how little charcoal you use. As soon as you are done cooking you close the top and bottom vent that put out the fire and lets you use the charcoal again to cook next time.
Brilliant idea.

I cooked one ham 5 hours, one prime rib, hamburgers 2 X, steak 2 X, a whole chicken, a turkey. A pork roast 10 hours. All on one bag of charcoal.

You can grill, Smoke, Sear or Bake.

I got an iGrill2 for it with an ambient temp probe option. This talks buletooth to my phone and will alarm when the food is cooked.
iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer | iDevices LLC

I can monitor the food and grill temp from my desk as I work.

Anyone else have a big green egg or other komodo style cooker?

Fordguy64 01-04-16 05:50 PM

That's pretty neat

pinballlooking 01-04-16 06:16 PM

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This style of cooker was used in Japan like 3,000-4,000 years ago. So it is nothing new.

I have some stain for the stand and I am going to add a couple boards to strengthen it.
Then I think I am going to try and do what this guy did and pour a cement top on it.
I have a red patio block to go under the grill this will also give it more clearance on the sides and protect the wood on the bottom.
That would hold up better to the abuse it gets.

where2 01-04-16 07:09 PM

Pinball, I don't have one, but a guy I work with swears by his BGE. He's even got an automated venting system that automates the ability to hold a cooking temp overnight. I've had several things cooked on his BGE, and as you describe: it just falls off the bone. My neighborhood hardware store sells them, along with supplies.

pinballlooking 01-04-16 07:23 PM

I have seen the system you are describing it is pretty cool. It seems like a great Arduino project someday.:)
On the 10 hour cook pork roast it was cooked at 250 F and it holds the temp so well I hardly had to anything to keep it there.
Filling it up good with real wood charcoal is important. Home depot has a good price on charcoal 12.97 a bag for Royal Oak the same company the bags Big Green Egg charcoal but charges much more for it.

pinballlooking 01-05-16 01:39 PM

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I am slow cooking a 4 pound round roast at about 250 degrees. Here is the iGrill screen image.
Probe 1 is the grill temp and probe 2 is the roast.
You don’t have to see the chart all the time but I think it is useful
So at my desk I can see how it is trending and make an adjustment if needed.

This roast I cooked 5 hours when it got to 130 internal temp. I wrapped it in foil the cooked to 195 F let it rest for 15 min. it was so good.
I used cherry wood chips but next time I will use wood pieces.

pinballlooking 02-06-16 01:52 PM

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I needed a Plate Setter Lifter Amazon sell it for about 35 shipped.

But I have a welder so I bought a welding chipping tool from harbor freight for $5 and I had some scrap 1” square tub from my other project.
This is used to take out the very hot plate setter during a reverse seer cooking steak.

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