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elhigh 02-15-20 08:30 AM

E20 GE Elec-Trak for sale near me
See title! Seller wants $1750, it looks pretty good. Claims new batts and tires.

Daox 02-15-20 10:38 AM

Wow, that looks like its in great shape!

elhigh 04-04-20 10:11 PM

UPDATE: I bought it
So after watching the E20 for a while on eBay, it wasn't moving, wasn't moving, wasn't moving...and then my son just happened to mention it in conversation. He has a Volt and REALLY likes it, he's a complete EV convert. And of course he knows I'm a tractor nerd, so here's where two of our interests coincide.

So we went halfsies on it last week, and I picked it up today.


Picking it up with my father-in-law's trailer behind my geriatric pickup.
Nick fired it up and mowed the front half of the yard. The mowing went about as fast as my Deere GT275, which has a larger deck. The GE isn't quiet enough to talk over while it's mowing, but of course stopping the mower is as simple as flipping a switch, and it starts back up just as easily. The steering is fairly heavy - heavier than the Deere, even. But while it's moving it's not too bad.
Deck access is crazy good. Deck lift is electrical, via a strap which is apparently pulled back by a winch or actuator. Don't know for sure about that but it is definitely a heavy duty fabric strap, not a cable or lever, and not hydraulic. It lifts well enough up to a point, but to get this kind of elevation it needs an extra tug. It may need additional assist springs or these are out of adjustment. Not sure yet.
Batteries are a year old. The PO even had the original purchase receipt, which he gave me since the batteries still have a year of warranty left. And the tires were replaced April 06, 2019. Seeing how the batteries cost about $800 and the tires another $300, the rest of this beast cost next to nothing.

More updates to come!

Daox 04-05-20 11:29 AM


Planning on looking for any attachments for it?

elhigh 04-05-20 12:58 PM

Actually the PO tossed in the drill - already fitted with the mower blade sharpening stone - and the tool head for the hedge clipper, though the motor for the clipper didn't come with it. I've seen other tools out there but no plans at the moment.

I just used it this morning to mow the rest of the yard. My yard is pretty small, less than 1/4 acre and it wasn't able to finish the job. I don't know how well this thing is charged or how well the charger works, so I plugged it back in, turned the charger to "J" (what were you thinking, GE?) and finished with the Deere. We'll see how it goes.

The absence of numbers on the gauges is a little discouraging, but I understand GE had to cope with a relatively uninformed public and so they just relied on green-yellow-red ranges on the gauges and crossed their fingers.

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