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mackstann 01-27-15 01:47 PM

New ducting kit for GeoSpring water heaters
Along with the new 80 gallon GeoSpring, GE announced their new ducting kit. It works on all the existing US-made GeoSpring models.


Installation manual:

Requires 8 inch ducts, unless you use a booster fan (it's unclear what size fan would permit you to run what size duct). You can't cut an 8 inch hole in a rim joist, so this will cause interesting issues for basement installs. I guess you'd have to re-purpose a window.

dablack 01-27-15 02:18 PM

Cool! I didn't know about this water heater. Very nice. Especially if you live in the south. My attic is insulated but since it is the top of the house, still gathers hot air. It would be the perfect place for this hot water heater.

Semipro 01-28-15 08:29 PM

Very cool. Too bad I have the old "blue top" chinese made GeoSpring. I'm having to fabricate my own ducting.

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