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Daox 08-13-19 12:12 PM

Sump pump backup - DC vs battery inverter?
Story time. A few weeks ago I came home to the utility company cutting up one of my trees that had fallen on a power line. It didn't snap their line, but it did rip the mast off my house. To do that, they had to cut power to the house. Anyway, it got all fixed up, but it really made me think that I need to get off my butt and get some form of backup for my normal sump pump.

So, I am asking for advise. I know you can get 12v pumps out there. But, you can also just buy a battery and an inverter to power the pump too, right? Which way would you go and why?

jeff5may 08-21-19 03:29 AM

Ok so if you are going with a dedicated electric pump, use a battery backup DC pump. Why? It's a dedicated system. Low chance of failure, occasional use assures a long life. Also, a DC pump wired to a switch straight to the battery is the best you can do to avoid Murphy's law. A power inverter on a battery running an AC motor is going to burn a portion of the battery capacity. Not just because the inverter is always on, but the conversion from DC to ac eats some battery as well. Plus there's the same basic switch to cycle the motor anyway. Plus the same basic battery charger.

NiHaoMike 08-22-19 07:32 PM

12V bilge pumps are very common and quite cheap.

Xringer 09-06-19 12:40 PM

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After a basement flood years ago, I installed a solar-battery-inverter system that could power my sump pumps for many hours.
You will never guess what happened.. It never flooded again, and the grid has never failed while it was raining, since then.

The 48v battery pack (car batteries) are getting very old. I'm thinking of replacing them, or just scraping the whole thing.
I can use a gas generator to power those pumps, if it ever becomes necessary.

All the extra CO2 is over-greening my backyard. I have to remove vegetation from the panels once a week now..

Aircommuter 09-07-19 10:12 PM

sump pump B/U
I suppose an overall assessment would be my plan. Do I want other things to work besides the pump. Maybe a generator would be a good overall choice. One has to think how often it happens and how long it stays off.
My basement has floor drains in case there is a leak but does not allow ground water in either because of the drainage system I installed when I built it.
Because we are rural and the power can be off for extended amounts of time I installed a 50KW 3ph Kohler on propane.

Xringer 09-08-19 12:21 AM

If a home has good water pressure from a supply that's not dependant on the grid,
you can get a water powered sump pump. I have one (1), but I have 4 sump holes.
(I have 4 because our basement floor is very near the local water table)..
So, my main anti-flood system is old 120vac sump pumps.

The water powered pump would still be useful during a grid-fail + heavy flooding.
Since the basement floor is level, a 1/2" of water is going to fill up the 4 sumps holes.
From Amazon:

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