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groar 04-25-09 12:29 PM

small daily tips to save
Wanted to do that list by Earth day but didn't got enough time... As on, why not having a tips list ? (didn't read the forum often lately so may be it's being done currently...)

Here are some small daily tips to save. Feel free to complete, correct, translate to English...

All seasons :
  • cover the pan when you boil water
  • when using electric cooking plates, switch them off before the end of the cooking as they stay hot several minutes
  • switch off the light when you leave a room and switch on only when necessary and only what is necessary
  • shut off the water as much as possible when showering and tooth brushing and when on don't open at maximum
  • lower the temperature of the washer
  • switch off the computer when unecessary and all its peripherals (external drives, printer, screen...)

In winter :
  • lower the heating long before leaving the house
  • lower the heating in unused rooms and keep their doors closed
  • open the shutters whenever possible to make the sun heat the interior
  • use the ceiling ventilator in winter position (push air upward) in smaller speed

In summer :
  • shadow the windows so the sun doesn't heat the interior
  • use the ceiling ventilator in summer position (push air downward) in higher speed

Other :
  • put the fridge and the freezer in the coldest room
  • put the water heater in the hotter room
  • use low consumption lights, fridge, freezer, dryer, washers...
  • regularly clean the fridge and washer vents
  • prefer a notebook to a desktop and an inkjet to a laser printer
  • prefer showers to bathes
  • use a double flush toilet as necessary
  • prefer a dish washer to hand washing
  • use a thermostatic tap in shower
  • launch water heater and dish washer during off peak hours


Ryland 04-25-09 02:45 PM

Put inline switches on chargers for laptops (only computer in the house) and cell phones, you can get plug in, inline switches if you don't want the power strip type.
Don't have a TV (wastes time and electricity).
Have multiple lights/lamps per room so you can have as much or as little light as you need/want.
It's better to have one big fridge or freezer rather then two little ones.

Daox 04-25-09 06:03 PM

Thats a very good idea guys. We should build a list.

I'll add a few.

Set your refrigerator temps to 40F for the refridgerator and 5F for the freezer.

Sandcruiser 06-02-09 03:54 PM

I pulled the CD/DVD drive out of my laptop. I reckon it probably pulls a few watts for a few minutes every time I startup/shut down. Can't hurt.

Mostly I did it to aid in cooling-- it's hot here and the extra air flow makes the internal fan run less often.

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