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groar 03-28-09 02:26 PM

Earth hour
Today is Earth day. You are only asked to switch off your lights during 1 hour from 8:30PM.

My lights are CFL (2x20W in the living room, but usually only one is switched on), so it will not have such an impact, but I will switch them off as it doesn't cost me anything.

In fact I'll be watching my TV and I'll keep a 3W LED light toward the ceiling aside the TV. Not a very comfortable situation, but far better than staying in night. I'll stay in this configuration several hours, so the 3W LED will be compensated.

Will/did you do so ?


Daox 03-28-09 04:09 PM

I will do so! I also won't be home, so it'll be rather easy. :)

Higgy 03-28-09 04:46 PM

Cheater DAOX!

We did it last year. We stayed in total darkness except for a candle lit.

I think if they really wanted people to do it, they'd blank out the TV stations so that people wouldn't even watch TV during that hour.

knowbodies 03-29-09 10:32 AM

I was driving last night during Earth Hour. My car is dark grey and basically invisible at night. I kept the lights on. But it was very easy to keep all the lights off at home. :)

groar 03-31-09 02:59 PM

Of course Earth hour has no real impact on Earth. Its main reason is to educate. By doing so, people "vote" and spread the good words.

In France, 200 towns switched off their monuments lightning. I regret the Eiffel Tower switched of only 5 minutes. With the individual switches off, the consumption lowered by 1%. No figure has been published about the production, but imho it hasn't been lowered as switching on/off a power plant is certainly more expensive than 1% lost during 1 hour.

I also read that a candle, for the quantity of light emitted, emits much more CO2 than an equivalent incandescent bulb powered by the worst (in a CO2 point of view) electricity.

My wife was at a public meeting during the Earth Hour. They asked people to concentrate in one half of the room and didn't lit the other half.


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