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RobbMeeX 01-06-14 06:51 PM

My Intermatic WH40 install... (electric hot water heater timer)
So I installed the heater timer shortly after installing it. I had the luck of having the PO install a pullout power switch after the breaker.

So I ripped it off the stud. Matched the width PERFECTLY! the height was a little off, so I took out my trusty leatherman and made the necessary adjustment to the wall. I reused the screws that held the original box to hold the new box.

Having the original box, I had the code worthy romex connectors into the box to reuse. Everything tightened in perfectly. I trimmed and stripped the leads and made all the connections.

Now its installed! I found my caulking gun and gave it a once around (as well as adding a little to a loose outlet box that has since been sealed!)

So I do understand that $55 has a high ROI, but after spending all Saturday piecing together a homebrew solution, I decided on this one because its readily available, meets code (I assume), and it has a pretty screenprinted box that would make the next homeowner think "Hey, that looks nice".

RobbMeeX 01-06-14 06:56 PM

Initial impressions: It make a weird noise that is normal I believe. The off makes a bright spark which is prolly also normal. I have this thing set for 7-8 am and thats all. Clothes are washed cold and the dishwasher has its own heater so thats handled. I'll keep in touch as to whether I like it months, years down the road...
Feel free to ask any questions.

pinballlooking 01-06-14 08:45 PM

That looks just like my pool timer I installed over the summer. You only run it for one hour a day?
Is just you at the house?

where2 01-06-14 10:32 PM

The weird noise is the little motor inside turning the stack of gears that turn the dial. Intermatic mechanical timers have always made that funny noise. They get louder as they get older. When it stops making noise, you know you need a new timer motor.

My next WH timer will use a harbor freight digital timer, and a 40A double throw contactor with a 120V coil. (my current WH timer uses an intermatic 120V digital timer which requires a AAA battery which switches current to drive that same 120V contactor). Listening to my WH operate recently, I find it actually runs less than 2 hours most days (within the 4.5 hour window I give it).

RobbMeeX 01-07-14 07:22 AM

Its myself and SWMBO, so I will prolly add another hour later on, but at the moment if she takes a shower, it'll be shortly after the heater comes on so she SHOULD be ok, I'm sure I'll hear about it if its not working for her.

Daox 01-07-14 08:49 AM

Nice install, that looks liked it worked out great haha. :thumbup:

I forget, did you say you already added insulation to your water heater?

RobbMeeX 01-07-14 08:54 AM

I bought the R10 wrap this weekend. I'm going to do that tonite. Then send off a copy of the receipt for the electric co rebate!
She wanted me to install the toe molding, but I figure i'd start with the money saving then do looks ;-)

brogsie 01-07-14 09:09 AM

Is it less expensive to have the dish washer heat the water?

RobbMeeX 01-07-14 10:12 AM

I am not sure, but my thoughts are the washers gonna heat with electric to whatever temp it needs anyway, so I figure its 6 of one, 7 of another. Plus I wouldn't have heat loss through the pipes.

NiHaoMike 01-07-14 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by brogsie (Post 34594)
Is it less expensive to have the dish washer heat the water?

If it's a standard electric water heater, that's always true. If it's gas or heat pump, it depends on whether the reduced operating cost is enough to offset the extra losses from a higher setpoint.

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