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RobbMeeX 12-01-13 05:38 PM

My Renovation/Lemme Fix It thread.
So I am finally posting my home renovation thread. I plan to list everything I need to fix and all the stuff I plan on doing...
This will get cleaned up and what have you as I knock things off and think of new things.

Current List:
  • Wrap hot water heater <installed!>
  • Insulation box for attic
  • Fix cold water valve at kitchen sink - WHY WATER HAMMER???
  • Install air vent outlet diffusers
  • Install power meter on hot water heater (skipped, just adding the timer)
  • Finish master bedroom floor <handled>
  • Add toe mouldings the master bedroom (bought, 1/2 done)
  • Replace all bulbs with CFL, etc. (mostly done)
  • Hot water heater timer <INSTALLED!>
  • Third bedroom floor
  • Seal front light switch from cold air! <handled>
  • Buy and install garbage disposer.

Feel free to suggest additions. I'm looking to be as frugal as possible... :thumbup:

Daox 12-02-13 10:58 AM

Sounds like a good list to start working on.

I would recommend doing the DIY home leak test though and trying to seal up the house better.

RobbMeeX 12-10-13 09:57 PM

Got 2 packs of the frost king outlet seals and did a dirty diy leak test. Man, I sure was missing a lot not having the outlet covers on! Now the main culprits are sealed. Not entirely by the fk seals. They are so-so but cheap.

natethebrown 12-12-13 04:02 PM

Bubble wrap the windows for the winter.

RobbMeeX 02-12-14 02:05 PM

So, its Icemageddon 2: Return to Atlantartica, so I've got the day off. I spent it so far defragging the laptop, testing its memory, and defeating air leaks! Busted out the great stuff filling in the space where the pipes come through under the sink, in a rodent hole and in the door casing hole. I feel like I accomplished much on that front. I also bubble wrapped a few windows from recent package scraps. I feel like I've had too much coffee.

Daox 02-12-14 02:10 PM

Haha, sounds like good progress. Sealing is always a great thing to do... which reminds me I should probably do some more myself... argh. :)

doug30293 02-13-14 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by RobbMeeX (Post 35698)
So, its Icemageddon 2: Return to Atlantartica,

We were expecting power outages but only went dark for ten minutes. I have a cupola filled with windows to let light into the center of the house. It is directly above the staircase so from basement to cupola ceiling it is about 27 feet.

This makes a nice draft chimney in the spring and summer and a not so nice draft chimney in the winter. Yesterday I closed it off with poly sheet and staples. This resulted in an instant improvement in comfort and less heater run time.

So now I have one more project - build removable clear panels to seal off the cupola each winter. Had I done this ten years ago I could have saved enough to pay for a new heat pump.

RobbMeeX 02-13-14 03:12 PM

Yeah, I'm trying to get my sealing in order too.

Separate good news: I found my kill-a-watt today! I lost it in the move, in a drawer. Must have shifted in the moving truck.

RobbMeeX 08-23-14 10:52 PM

I'm back. Today I installed a fill valve in our predominant use toilet. It's been running for months now. I adjusted it once and didn't realize it was split in the side. I wrote a review of the new one in the review section.
I've been battling an outside unit that kept tripping the breaker. Took it apart and found a dirty original contactor and did the capacitor for good measure. Worked for two weeks but started tripping again. The breaker was staying at 107 (thanks ir thermometer). Pulled it and found a burnt wire. I cleaned it with sandpaper tonight and swapped the hot water breaker for the AC. Tomorrow I'll buy a replacement and cut and strip a fresh piece of wire. I feel so damn handy!

tipandtoe 09-08-14 05:04 AM

I'm glad to hear that you are making your renovation a lot easier and fun. I guess you are through all your home renovations and you've improve your home. Winter is coming and I hope you've checked your roofing for that. Be sure to store your loved items at home first before you try to fix or repair your roof. Just for safe keeping.

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