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dentprone 09-15-08 07:46 PM

Salutations from FL
I have been over at EcoModder and saw that this site had been started. My wife, daughter, and I live on 5 acres in North FL. Deep sand with underlying Karst. It is now heavily populated with native hardwood, but the land was previously agricultural, so the soil is pretty much tapped out for now. We have amended a few areas, including a garden plot. I look forward to learning from others on the forum and helping when I can.


SVOboy 09-15-08 07:58 PM

Hey Charles! Good to see you over here at EcoRenovator!

dentprone 09-15-08 08:01 PM

Thx SVO :) Good to see you here as well

Daox 09-16-08 08:03 AM

Welcome to the site dentprone. Do you have any pictures of the place or specs of the home?

dremd 09-16-08 11:56 AM


I didn't know what Karts is so I figured I'd share Karst topography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What was previously grown where you live?

dentprone 09-16-08 08:16 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 129)
Welcome to the site dentprone. Do you have any pictures of the place or specs of the home?

Thanks, Daox - Not much to say about the house. It was on the lot when we bought it and was manufactured in1992 by Nobility. I'm not crazy about mobile homes, but it was in good shape and gives us a place to live until we decide to build. It has a 25psf Horizontal and a 15psf Vertical wind load rating, but the insulation is lacking, especially in the ceilings. I threw some pics up in my profile....there is neat little album feature there.

dentprone 09-16-08 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by dremd (Post 156)

What was previously grown where you live?

Copious amounts of weed.....

:D Kidding!!! As far as I know, just hay. It is also possible that the land had pine on it, but it would have had to been over a hundred years ago. Thanks for the link, and good to see you over here.

dentprone 09-16-08 08:23 PM

Hey Dremd,

How did you do with the storm? I imagine you got a little weather...

dremd 09-16-08 08:49 PM

We Lucked out for both storms!

I evacuated for Gustav, in retrospect I didn't need to, but had the predictions been correct I would have had serious damage. I got power back approx. 24 hours after the eye had passed, I was only home for about 3 hours of no electricity :-) I was VERRY lucky about the power; downtown didn't have power for another 24~36 hours and lots of people were out for 1.5~2 weeks.

Ike was a total joke overall, for some reason we kept getting feeder bands over my house all night, so 60~70 mph winds, but the power never even went off.

dentprone 09-16-08 08:58 PM

Good to hear about the power and wind, it is a good thing that Ike wasn't as serious as it could have been. I had been talking to a guy in TX just a day or so before the storm hit. I was helping him get his Genset online, but I haven't heard anything since the event.

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