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pinballlooking 03-25-20 05:40 PM

I bought a commercial -20 freezer to make into a powder coat oven.
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Does any know if the compressor or other parts are worth more than scrap?
I have the MFG phone number so I see what they used for insulation. I hope the I don’t have to replace it.
But I will if I have to. I will be moving my oven controls and heating elements to this.

I bought this for $80 I could not build it for that much.
I do not know how much I will get in scrap for the coils.

pinballlooking 03-26-20 08:13 PM

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It looks like I have to remove the insulation and put in new insulation.
We started on it today. All the cooling system has been removed.

We are using a scraper attachment on a Sawzall. It works amazingly well.

I have oven gasket and door latches on the way.

Daox 03-26-20 09:06 PM

What insulation are you going to go with?

pinballlooking 03-26-20 09:51 PM

Either Rockwool or fiberglass.
But I am leaning towards Rockwool.
You out gas at 450 degrees so either one will work.
The powder coat cures @400 degrees.

It looks like fiberglass. To get Rockwool I have to order 3 packs. No one here stocks it.
I can do it much cheaper with fiberglass. One pack fiberglass $37.48.
That one pack will be enough. That will work for this oven.

Some of the scientific freezers can store flammable storage. Mine is not that type.
I wish it was that maybe I would not have to re-insulate. It will be a pain but I think it will make a nice oven when I am done.
It will also keep my build cost low that is important right now.

I have a standard house oven right now. I will be gutting it and putting its heating elements in this one. For now I will just use its controls. This should work good in a oven this size and will keep cost down.

pinballlooking 03-27-20 09:28 AM

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I have the top off. I don’t think I can reproduce the way the panels are held together.
I may just cut strips and screw or rivet it back together. It is about 2.5” thick I may expand that to 3.5”.
That would fit my insulation better.

pinballlooking 03-29-20 12:55 PM

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More progress.
Now some of the finer details to get it ready to put back together.
I will need to add some support. The insulation was a lot of the support before the new insulation will not give the same support.
Really just the top and the bottom needs the support.

pinballlooking 03-30-20 11:10 AM

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I have the trim pieces ready for final clean up.
I took the torch to one of the sides. The middle part is not flammable but the trim pieces is flammable.
They use a lot of masking tape that will need to be removed.

The door is the last piece that needs the needs insulation removed.
Then it is just final clean up add support and oven layout.

dguzzi 04-02-20 05:29 PM

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You need this? ------->Attachment 8921

pinballlooking 04-02-20 06:29 PM

What is that?

dguzzi 04-02-20 07:29 PM

Its an electrostatic power supply for powder coating. (makes the powder stick to the stuff you are coating).

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