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pinballlooking 04-29-21 02:24 PM

I am going to build a vacuum plate lifter.
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I have lifting magnets but under plate they can be so so.
If I cut aluminum, the magnets will do nothing. Lifting 1/8 and under the magnets really do not work. Under 1/8” you can man handle.
It will be based off a YouTube video I saw.

I have almost everything on order to build it. I will have a remote control so you can run it from the forklift. Similar to what he did.

I just looked at a couple commercial units and they had some good ideas I will use.
I will put in switches at the pumps incase I want to lift a 1/2 sheet.
They made the arms adjustable for smaller sheets. This may make since for us.

I only lift 4'x 8' sheets Mine will have 6 8" suction cups. They can lift 180 pounds each.

Daox 05-01-21 09:40 AM

Sounds like a fun project.

pinballlooking 05-01-21 10:37 AM

I have wanted to make one, but I need a forklift to use it. I think my forklift is about 2- 2 weeks away from being delivered.

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