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NiHaoMike 07-30-20 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by jeff5may (Post 62893)
With a ton or two of capacity, it doesn't take an hour to make 100 gallons of ice. NO EXTRA BAGGAGE!

2 tons of refrigeration operating for one hour will only make 183 pounds of ice, or about 23 gallons.

What is the end goal now? Are we building an EV that regularly gets driven (in which case extra batteries definitely wins) or a RV/van that stays parked for extended times?

jeff5may 07-31-20 10:40 AM

^What Mike said^

"Only 180 pounds" is a lot of baggage. It's like an extra passenger. Per hour. Also consider that ice cubes stack up to about 1/3 water, 2/3 air. I dare you to go to a hotel and try to get 15 pounds of ice cubes into the 2 gallon bucket they give you. Who in their right mind would freeze up a solid block of ice and then wrangle it into a vehicle? Why not add 100 pounds of equipment and generate twice the weight per hour in cold? I'm done with this argument.

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