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pinballlooking 01-15-18 10:16 AM

Auto makers are investing billions in electrified vehicles
We are going to have many choices in the coming years.
I am so happy to see the changes announced by all the major auto makers.
New EV’s and hybrids are on the way.

Ford plans $11 billion investment, 40 electrified vehicles by 2022


Daimler announces $11 billion investment in electric vehicles

Volvo Says All its Cars Will Be Electric or Hybrid in 3 Years

Why the change?
California Considers Following China With Combustion-Engine Car Ban


Paris Wants to Ban the Combustion Engine by 2030

oil pan 4 01-16-18 02:08 AM

GM also once said they were going to hire 200+ engineers and invest 1 billion to develop hydrogen vehicle technology.
That would have been a waste.

As we have seen time and time again the auto industry buildings what people are willing to buy.

davidmiller 01-16-18 05:52 AM

This is really exciting. I've been always a fan of electric vehicles but I still cannot afford to buy one. They're just too expensive right now. I am sure in the next 5 years I will own one.

AC_Hacker 01-16-18 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by davidmiller (Post 58275)
This is really exciting. I've been always a fan of electric vehicles but I still cannot afford to buy one. They're just too expensive right now. I am sure in the next 5 years I will own one.

Have you checked out the used EV market?

About 4 years ago, Geo_NR_Gee bought a used Nissan Leaf for $7k and he drives it all the time,

I bought a two year old previously leased Nissan Leaf, with only 12k miles, for $13k and it's primo.

If you intend to use your EV for urban or trips less than 70-90 miles or so (one way), Leaf is wonderful. I live in Portland, and most of my trips are not so terribly long. So some days I can go 2 or 3 days without recharging.

I also built a fast charge (L2) kit from OpenEVSE (ultra easy build) and installed it inside an old electric box, all bolted to the side of my house.

Here's the whole story:

It charges the Leaf pretty fast, about 20 miles per hour (one hour of charging will put about 20 miles of motive energy into the battery).



oil pan 4 01-16-18 07:04 PM

I'm waiting for a $4,000 used leaf to show up within 100 miles of me.

randen 01-17-18 07:37 PM

Its all just lip service
I'm not certain what my fellow eco-renovators may believe about the sincerity of the auto-manufactures. I for one don't believe any of the announcements.

Hiring engineers, Spending billions?? where are the cars.!!!?? With the exception of Nissan (Leaf) and the most recent new kid Chevy Volt. They spin some good stories of what their going to produce and we're still waiting.

It took a man from silicon valley to build a fully functional EV that will switch you off the fossil fuel tit with the first test ride and 430,000 customers didn't even need that. The BIG guys are still short on game. Chevy Bolt you say. Well, take it to grandma's house 200 miles away. You'll have to stay a few hours to charge up to get home. The Tesla Supercharger infrastructure will get you back on your way in 15-20min. Elon has publicly said any of the Auto manufactures can adopt the system if they help pay for it.

I'm stunned to see that none have!!!???

Wouldn't that be nice to be able to drive the Chevy Bolt to Grandma's for an hour or two. Then drive home stopping for 20 mins Supercharge to finish the trip in the same day.

Back in 1997 GM made the EV1 (20 yrs ago) Believe it, it had the drive system with the same architecture as the Tesla. Three Phase liquid cooled electric induction motor and inverter motor drive system.

Batteries, its true the first cars had Lead Acid but the solution was only a few months away Ovonics Nickel metal Hydrate Batteries. These are fantastic batteries.

My S-10 EV truck is the little brother to the EV1 and I had driven it with the NIMH batteries (20 yrs. old) they performed well. GM had a 20 yr. head start.!!!??

Corporate Greed, Shareholders and the big manufactures technical inertia are going to keep the same tin on the car lots. Making press releases, promises and announcements to affirm they have our best interests. Oh yes and the concept cars they have absolutely no interest in ever producing just to make the appearance their in the zone!!!

VW had been making press releases for years on the up and coming EVs, where are the cars?? I have yet to see an E-Golf.

Its just a lot of posturing, to keep you, the customers, interest.
Yep even Volvo "between 2019-2021 will make 5 battery electric models"

I don't believe any of it.


oil pan 4 01-17-18 07:58 PM

They will do it.
If the market suddenly demands electric cars.
Otherwise no. Just posturing like you said.
Trying to get the fake people who pretend to care about the environment to by what they sell now.

pinballlooking 01-17-18 08:45 PM

Having whole countries setting dates to get rid of ICE will help them get working on these.
Nobody wants China be the only country making EV’s and China is putting government money to make new EV happen.
I do believe we are going to see big changes and I would not put it pass CA to outlaw ICE at some point.

I know we really like our Chevy Volt I do believe it is like driving future. (even better cars will come out)

The new Malibu Hybrid uses the Volts system with a small battery pack.
MPG: 49 city / 43 highway
Battery: 1.5 kWh lithium-ion
Horsepower: 182 hp
Fuel tank capacity: 13 gal

oil pan 4 01-19-18 05:33 AM

If all these electrics are made, guess what, the vast majority of them won't be sold in North America.
Just like all the 50 to 60 mpg vehicles that aren't sold here as of now.

Lenahan 02-04-18 09:16 AM

These are certainly exciting times. I can't wait for these cars to become a bit more affordable. Even now, I'm considering getting one, but it's a tough choice.

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