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Daox 09-19-11 08:20 AM

2011 EcoRenovator Fall Giveaway
This was just posted on the blog. I wanted to repost it in full on the forum:

EcoRenovator Fall Giveaway

This fall EcoRenovator is happy to be doing a giveaway for its readers and forum users. You guys provide us with cool things to post on the blog, find and share tons of information on the forum, and really help make this site what it is. This is our chance to give something back.

So, lets go over the rules. Its pretty simple, the giveaway will work similar to our last giveaway we had over a year ago. You must register on the forum and make a post (any post) to enter. Each post you make will be an entry into the giveaway. Two weeks from now, on October 3rd, five winners will be randomly selected from the posts made between now and then. Those five winners will be able to select a prize from the list below. Once the first winner decides what s/he wants, the second winner will be notified and will be able to make their choice, and so on with the rest of the winners.

Giveaway Prizes:

- HomePower 1 year digital subscription
- LUX TX9100E programmable thermostat
- Honeywell T8002C 1000 programmable thermostat
- Bits Limited LCG3E, LCG4E, LCG5E, or LCG6 smart power strip, LCG6 smart power strip, SPG3E charging station power strip, Mini Power Minder,
- MSI Hydroright Dual Flush conversion kit
- Waterpik ECO-563 1.5 GPM showerhead (handheld), ECO-533 1.5 GPM showerhead (fixed)
- Niagara Earth® Showerhead - 1.25 GPM MODEL #N2912

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be going over what these prizes are and what they can do for you. We’ll also breifly go over what other products these companies have that might interest you.

I would like to thank the companies listed above. They have agreed to donate the above items for our giveaway winners!

iamgeo 09-19-11 09:56 AM

This is really cool.
This forum is really helpful.
Thank you for doing this.

silverinsight2 09-19-11 03:46 PM


Originally Posted by iamgeo (Post 15921)
This is really cool.
This forum is really helpful.
Thank you for doing this.

Great idea, from a great site! :thumbup:

strider3700 09-19-11 04:05 PM

very cool. just to clarify those of us that are already registered on the forum just need to post correct?

Daox 09-19-11 04:17 PM

Yep, just post.

talonts 09-22-11 01:43 AM

OK, that dual-flush conversion looks interesting. Could be very useful.

Wanna Beco 09-22-11 02:32 AM

Wow, cool stuff... thanks for letting me know about it!

zick 09-22-11 09:20 AM

Good deal, thanks for setting this up!

Daox 09-22-11 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by talonts (Post 16003)
OK, that dual-flush conversion looks interesting. Could be very useful.

A few users here have that kit and really like it. I'd suggest taking a look at Gasstingy’s thread on the kit. I have one on my upstairs toilet and it works wonders. However, there are a few toilets it won't work on. Take a look at his thread for more info.

Peter2 09-22-11 02:16 PM

It is a good idea, thanks!

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