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davidbr13 10-12-09 05:27 PM

E15 Elec-trak restoration
Yes!!! Been a while since I posted, but I had to brag on this...

Took my restored E15 Elec-Trak for its first drive, today! Took a couple laps around the back yard before parking it in the trailer. I couldn't believe how little current it used. D1 only used 20-30 amps at max. throttle depending on terrain, and D2 only used 30-40. Now kicking in the field weakening really caused a surge (up to 100 amps) briefly, and a HUGE surge in speed! Good thing it is a smooth adjustable resistance. I don't think I'll be using it that much - D2 at full throttle is just fine (about the same as 4th gear on my old Dynamark)!

Don't know how much total energy it will use, I bet it takes more than 2.5 cents per mow, but it still WAY better than the old ICE mower.

I was impressed that it stopped well even without using the brake, and maintained a nice steady speed even going downhill. It behaves a lot like the ICE tractor did in this manner.

Now I have the space in the garage to work on the caster arrangments for the deck, which is all that is left to do before I can mow...WITHOUT hearing protection! The biggest adjustment is going to be the front mounted deck. When I sat on the tractor it finally hit home how much bigger this is than the old ICE mower. To top it off, the deck will be about 6 feet in front of me.

I put together an online restoration diary to document all this, since it might help somebody. The address is: home page.htm

It isn't linked from my main EV page or home page yet, so if you go there, you have to use the back button to get back to it. And it isn't complete, but it is done up to installation of the hood, and that was only a week ago. I'll get the rest up in a few days.

(...and this time it is in regular HTML format )

Daox 10-12-09 05:56 PM

Wow, that is quite the restoration! Very impressive.

BTW, I moved your thread to get some more attention. :)

Ryland 10-13-09 11:04 AM

I'll have to look over that when I have more time I have two E15 tractors that I need to fix for a friend of mine, then my dad has a E20 and I think an E15 and is thinking of getting a working E15 as non of these work yet.
these tractors almost seem more common then electric cars!

davidbr13 10-13-09 04:34 PM

Quick update - I put the final 2 pages up, and added links on my EV page and the David's Home Page homepage so it is easier to get to. I'll add updates when I get the deck all done.

Hey, Ryland. Mine was really a basket case. Sounds like you should be able to get at least one working tractor out of all those without having to buy another! Sell one of the others to finance the project, maybe?

If anyone does restore one of these, I can provide part and vendor data if you don't go with the factory controls. That stuff is hard to track down. If you go with factory design, I found several good places such as clean power supply and The Electric Tractor Store :: Elec-Trak Parts. (The contact information for clean power supply is on the page.)

doogie48084 01-22-14 07:58 PM

thanks for all the information

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