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pinballlooking 07-15-20 08:40 AM

Bought a used front end Loader
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I have a old Belarus 300 tractor. It is the same as the Belarus 250A except mine has power steering.
I found a front end loader that came with a parts tractor that had a bad motor.
The bucket is in bad shape but I will not be using that.

I bought it yesterday. It has a 1,150 lifting capacity I would like to be able to load 5/8” and ” plate on my table.
I would like to be able to have steel delivered and be able to lift it off the truck.
I would like it to be able to lift more weight but this is better capacity than I have now. I got it for $1,500 loader two parts tractors.
It actually came with a second parts tractor that has a good motor but it is all apart.

Their other FEL allow you to put optional cylinders to allow you to gain another 1100 pounds they are over built. I my look into this after it get it working.

The loader was on this tractor so I need to transfer the mounts to my tractor.

Elcam84 07-20-20 07:06 PM

That was a good find at that price. That said those old ones are not fun to install. I really like the new ones you can do in less than 5 minutes with minimal 4 letter words.

pinballlooking 07-20-20 08:41 PM

I have a 2016 MF and yes you are correct it is easy to take off the FEL and the backhoe.
Luckily this one will go on and stay on. It does have a quick attach feature. I need to make a replacement kick stand for the one side.
But I will be leaving this one all the time.

Elcam84 07-20-20 10:33 PM

Yeah most of them rarely come off the tractor anyway. My friend has a newholland TC35 and I hate that thing. It's one of the Japanese manufactured ones. Not a whole lot of hours on it but...

Needs a new radiator, 3 point hitch drops down, has the classic idle burp, the FEL won't stay in position more than about 30 seconds before dropping. He got the shuttle shift which is fine if you use it mainly as a tractor but when used for mowing and lots of FEL work it's a nightmare to drive and it wears you out. Usually the clutch works well other times it will just grab and try to break your neck.

I much prefer my heavy equipment to be all hydraulic... That said the electronic controls that control the hydraulics now have their own issues and failures.

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