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oil pan 4 01-24-18 02:12 AM

I just took a number samples of some of various size LED floods, they are rated from 60 to 70 lumens per volt-amp.
My regular T5 tube do about 100 lumens per volt-amp
My T5 high output do 92 lumens per volt-amp, but these are supe bright and start at 0F, since my T5 HO lights are out side or in building's that are unheated this is kind of important.

elhigh 01-24-18 10:50 AM

I'm using low-watt T8 tubes still at work, 100 lumens/watt. Not sure what the performance is in the fixture.

I can't justify switching to LED until I get both better efficiency AND comparable output - I'm at the bottom of the OSHA workplace lighting scale as it is.

I do have a couple of integrated LED fixtures, but I have my qualms about those too - how easy is it to replace the emitters when they fail? No idea.

oil pan 4 01-24-18 06:23 PM

The LED fixtures where I work, we have 4 different styles. None are able to have just the leds replaced.
The ones that have quit, I don't think it's the LED that failed, it appears the power supply burned out.

elhigh 01-25-18 08:27 AM

I have several Lithonia OLW wallpacks, 60-70 lm/w is about where they land. And I have had three fail in three years. That's crap performance. There are no replaceable parts inside, either, so it doesn't matter what's gone wrong inside, I have to replace the whole thing.

I didn't specify those fixtures. And there's no way in hell I'm ever going to recommend them to anyone, either. You listening, Lithonia!? NO. WAY.

oil pan 4 01-25-18 07:34 PM

We have had (check back for the brand name tomorrow) about 10 led light fixtures go bad with in a few months out of nearly 300, these stay on all the time.
Then we put up nearly 200 T5 high bay auto dim motion sensor lights. The tubes have burned out on 2 or 3 of them, because they are always turning on and off because the contractor forgot to turn up the on timer.
So new T5 are are more reliable than new LED.
Because we can replace the T5 tube on the ones that burned out.

Semipro 01-26-18 07:58 PM

I saw the bulbs referenced by the OP at our local Lowes but they also said "Electronic Ballast Only" so I passed.
I purchased some of the Toggled Brand at HD that require bypassing the ballast and I'm very impressed. They still cost too much but they work very well and bypassing the ballast got rid of some RFI that was causing problems for our OTA digital TV.

phreich 07-02-18 02:55 AM

16 pack of t8 replacements being clearanced for $17.95
I stumbled upon this thread, and went to the lowes site to see what the current pricing on their t8 replacements was, and found that they have 16 packs they are blowing out for $17.23!

They are also selling 4 packs for $4.95.

They come in what they call "bright white" (4000K), and "daylight" (6000k) versions. The 6000K versions will have a lot more harsh "blue" light in them which I don't like, so I went with the 4000K version, which will be close to the light that "cool white" fluorescent bulbs produce.

An issue with these is that they are not set up to run off of 120v AC line voltage and will only work with an electronic t8 ballast. This reduces the efficiency a bit, but, heck, for about $1.11 a tube, it's hard to pass up on it.

I recently put out a wanted listing on Craigslist asking for commercial 48" fluorescent troffers that had been replaced during renovations, and got lucky and got 8 3-tube 24" x 48" troffers that a commercial remodeller was planning on scrapping. I was planning on gutting them of their ballasts and using T8 LED tubes that would work on 120V AC, but now I won't bother -- I'll just wire them up and use them as-is in my 2 bay garage with these LED tubes.

WARNING!!!!! I say again:

I grabbed a bunch of cases in the Portland Oregon area, but there are still more local Lowes stores carrying them. Maybe they will also be available in your area too. I plan to re-sell a few cases worth of these tubes at $2.00 each to pay for the cases I am using.

Here are links:
16 pack of tubes:
4 packs of tubes:

I did find some strange pricing differences depending on which store I selected. Most showed the clearance pricing, but some didn't. YMMV.



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