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Claudio Miller 03-23-18 08:31 PM

Home garden in backyard
I got 1 acre of land in backyard and I am wondering if I need to develop that into garden, what should be the right ratio to make it look beautiful still productive.

I was thinking to go for 60:40 (60% being used as flower/veg garden while 40% open space for beautification.

Flower garden would surely look great but I am thinking if veggie garden would make more sense. I have water source and soil is also good enough to produce. Will it really make sense to grow veggie plant?

natethebrown 03-26-18 01:01 PM

To give a good answer I would need to know your reasoning behind putting in a garden. Gardens aren't typically easy, are typically time consuming, and sometimes aren't cost beneficial.

ecomodded 03-30-18 07:17 PM

As you have the land I suggest using greenhouses to extend the season maximizing production. More so a small commercial set up growing vegetables and flowers

The best part is you will get exercise good food pretty flowers and $ :)

oil pan 4 03-31-18 11:21 AM

I'm planting fruit and nut trees to start with.
If planting trees is good, planting trees that make food are even better.

ecomodded 04-01-18 11:24 AM

Vineyards are popular here on Vancouver island people grow in their yards acreages and sell to local wineries

elhigh 04-13-18 12:38 PM

If you're willing to put in the work you can grow most of your veggies for an entire year on just one acre.

But that means you give up some weekends to weeding, picking, cleaning and canning. It's going to require some output on your part. And of course once you have all those veggies picked and cleaned, storage takes up a fair amount of space too. Canning in jars doesn't require extra power once they're sealed but you need LOTS of shelf space, preferably somewhere cool and dark.

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