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oil pan 4 01-28-14 11:44 PM

I have had one since 2008.
Using less than 1 cent of power per night will keep you toasty warm.
Plus the bed can stay toasty warm.

pinballlooking 01-28-14 11:53 PM

We got our ChiliPad mattress topper today. My wife is using it now. Kind of a cool product. We are not fans of electromagnet products close to you so this works well.

oil pan 4 01-28-14 11:59 PM

To avoid the EM thing what I did was crank the mattress heater on high for a few hours before bed and turn the heater off when its time for bed.

stevehull 01-29-14 12:09 PM

Daox - do you also go out and kill polar bears for fun? I am impressed as I thought I could stand cool bedroom temps, but you have me BEAT!

50 F!!

I am not so worthy . . . . .


NiHaoMike 01-29-14 01:24 PM

There are DC electric blankets if you're worried about AC magnetic fields.

Daox 01-29-14 02:36 PM


Originally Posted by stevehull (Post 35269)
Daox - do you a. . . . .


You are as surprised as I was. I fully intended going to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night cold. It was a pleasant surprise to find quite the opposite.

stevehull 01-29-14 02:47 PM


I still think you are capable of killing polar bears and being Nanuck of the north . . . !


NeilBlanchard 02-01-14 10:00 PM

I think I sleep better when it is cooler in the house. I breathe better because it is not as dry, and this is quite conducive to better rest.

Daox 11-23-15 01:23 PM

Its that time of year again. I've toughed out last winter, but I think I may pick one of these up for my wife so she can get into a warm bed. I also like the idea of just using it to warm up the bed before sleeping, but not leaving it on all night.

AC_Hacker 11-23-15 05:42 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 34818)
I am trying it tonight for the first time, so we shall see how it goes over. Does any one have any tips/ideas?

I've been using one, actually an electric mattress pad, for maybe a decade +.

I don't heat my bed room ever...

I formerly used a hacked coffee pot timer, to turn the bed on an hour before I got in (it tuned itself off after 2 hours). The electric blanket designs that I can find now have controllers that go to "off" when the is a circuit interruption... So my timer that worked out so well, doesn't work with the new blankets.

I should add that my bed is covered with wonderful goose down comforter(s).

I also have gotten a memory foam bed which I really like. Various memory foam beds have various sensitivities to temperature. The really good ones are highly temperature sensitive.

This presents a hard problem in a room that is not heated, because the bed is cold and hard when you get in, and takes a very long time to warm up and soften up. I didn't know that hell could be so cold.

I tried an electric mattress pad with it, and it worked OK but there was still the 'sleeping on wires' thing.

My current fix, which worked well last winter, is to put a 2" memory foam slab on top of the pad which is on the bed. Sort of an electric bed sandwich.

This works out just great, no more sleeping on wires, the memory foam is working just as it should.

I have the dial adjusted to just enough that the bed does not feel cold when I get in.

On most nights, I turn off the pad when I get in, and the goose down does the rest.

On savagely cold nights, I leave the pad on lowest possible setting.


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