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pinballlooking 05-24-21 02:29 PM

That turned out nice.

Daox 06-05-21 12:33 PM

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Alright, I think I finally got the last bit of stuff I have been looking for to do this update on the mower. This connector will allow me to remove the chargers from the mower. They seem to die much faster than they should. I am guessing its from the vibrations. I figure that moving them off the mower will extend their life.

Daox 08-18-21 08:55 AM

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So it got hot, and I stopped for a while on this. Its now not as hot and I'm trying to find time for it again.

I realized that I still needed a charger holder of some sort since they're coming off the mower. I'm really hoping this improves their lifespan as it hasn't been great. It should make life a lot easier without tons of vibration and jostling around. So, I took the time to design a 3d printed carrier. I think it came out pretty nice.

SKIN 10-22-21 06:46 AM

Glad you're still at it with this project! Really have enjoyed following for years.:thumbup:

nibs 11-10-21 01:14 PM

Great that it is still working for you, gave up on trying to mow with mine, just use the forklift and trailer towing, especially with the grand kids in the trailer.
End of summer converted from the lead acid golf cart batts and put in 10 (10s 2p) Nissan leaf modules and run them at 38 to 40 volts, much nicer, no corrosion buildup and only charge about 1 times per week.
Though lately have had to charge more often as the modules do not like the cold.

Daox 11-11-21 08:19 AM

Yep, its still working great. I've been using it for about 13 years now!

Still haven't finished up the mods I have shown above. It'll happen... sometime. :)

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