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dreamtech 11-30-19 09:40 AM

Air-air heat pump heats water?
Greetings! Now looking at my air-air heatpump and question runs in my mind-what if I build a duct from my HP inner block air outlet to its air inlet and put an air-water heat exchanger in the air stream to heat the water? Would that work?

launboy 02-18-20 10:48 PM

I don’t see why it wouldn’t. One thing to watch out for is pressure drop across the air to water HX. Not sure if you’re referring to conventional or minisplit but minisplit fans typically have very low static pressure handling ability. That said, even when it’s -15*F outside my mini puts out 127*F air so the heating potential is definitely there for just about anything you do use it for.

jeff5may 02-19-20 03:21 PM

You would suffer a noticed penalty to energy efficiency. Air isn't a great heat exchange medium. The indoor exchanger is sized for a certain amount of cool air coming in. Choking the airflow and raising the incoming air temperature would reduce its heat transfer capacity. Also, the water temperature would be limited to somewhat below the leaving air temperature. Plus all the air and heat leaking from the air loop.

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