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cmittle 07-31-12 11:48 PM

Vertical Garden
I've got the idea that next year I'd like to run some 2 x 6's across the side of the 4x4's holding up my deck, and build some planters off of these. In said planters I'd like to plant strawberries, peas, beans, lettuce, spinach etc..

These planters would create a vertical garden on the east side of my deck. Has anyone done something like this or anything with vertical gardens that may have some insight into things like the required size of the planter, watering frequency, or just general don't forget to do this information?

Exalta-STA 08-02-12 10:35 AM

Well aside from having a stable mount for them (earth and water is heavy..especially after watering your plants), I suggest making them accessible without the need for a ladder or stool.

hamsterpower 02-21-13 06:31 AM

There has been a similar project for the inside of windows in urban areas growing a following on the site Windowfarms - Vertical Garden for Growing Herbs and Vegetables at Home
The cool thing about this system is it is hydoponic and automated so there is very little to remember to do.

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