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dremd 10-21-08 07:34 PM

As warm as it will stay without using heat.
When forced to use heat 65~68.

toyobug 10-22-08 03:29 PM

63 at night, 68 during the day..

bikin' Ed 10-28-08 11:54 AM

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I don't remember the lasttime I saw 65 on the t-stat. We keep it set at 60 at night and while at work and 63 when we're home on weekend and in the evening. When my wife isn't having a hot flash she does sometimes use a portable electric heater in whatever room she is in.

insaneintenti0n 10-28-08 04:55 PM

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it got COLD today. so you know what, screw it. It's 49 outside w/ 30mph wind (had to get my trash can that was a block down the street). Was 64 in my house when i got home (yea, warm compare to you Ed, but i like it at 80 during the summer, and cooler is COLD, so i'm screwed). Themostat is set at 71 now. Though, it's been running for an hour and is only at 67. (why i hate radiators, though once it's off, they'll stay warm for 2-3hrs - i hope)

Tony Raine 10-29-08 01:32 PM

during the day when my wife and i are at work, i just turn the heat off. when we get home, i'll turn it up to about 65-67, and keep it around that through the night. in the morning, i'll turn it up to 70. only takes about 15 minutes or less to get it up to there. then i turn it off for the day. the house is pretty well insulated, even if its 35 outside, it stays about 60 inside.

GenKreton 11-09-08 02:01 PM

In my new apartment we agreed to 62 during the day and 58 at night but in Vermont I knew several houses full of undergraduates that wouldn't turn the heat above 55.

We have sweatshirts and blankets for a reason. There's no reason to need to wear t-shirt and shorts year round - just keep it warm enough for the fingers to get their work done.

jwxr7 12-18-08 12:39 PM

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I pretty much run the t-stats in the mid 50s all the time and use wood when we want warmer. My wife hates it but it's one way to keep from having huge propane bills. The woodburner is pretty much always warm so that zone never kicks the boiler on. In reality, if we keep the fire fed, the majority of the house is in the mid to upper 60s. The room with the fire gets in the mid 70s at times. We use electric space heat in places like the bathroom when taking showers and other places where the wood heat doesn't get as well(Like my daughter's bedroom). In the winter I regret having such a big house :(.

TimJFowler 12-19-08 12:47 AM

Thermostat is set at 65, but the indoor/outdoor thermometer usually registers around 62-ish. It's winter, so my wife and I dress warmer and spend quality time close together. ;)


MetroMPG 12-19-08 12:14 PM

Day: 17C / 63F

Night: 15C / 59F

Electric heat and no south facing windows, woohoo!

GenKreton 12-22-08 11:21 PM

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After the first heat bill came in we agreed to just wear more clothing inside and further reduce the apartment temperature by roughly 3 degrees during the day and night. It does impact my typing speed sometimes if the fingers start to feel cold, though.

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