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pinballlooking 04-23-19 03:45 PM

We sold our pool and no more pool pump running.
Last year the kids only swam once in the pool. This year I sold it to someone that will use it.
I bought the pool 7 years ago for $625 and sold it for $500. Not to bad.

I had a very efficient pool pump I sold it also. Not running a swimming pool pump all summer will be even more efficient.
I am the one that keeps it clean so I won’t miss that either.

Daox 05-15-19 11:40 AM

I've always heard that pools are a lot of work. I remember you posting your work on it, and I seemed to recall that the pump does seem to eat up a lot of juice.

elhigh 05-21-19 09:20 PM

I'm curious to know what that does to your monthly electrical consumption.

pinballlooking 05-21-19 10:04 PM

I had bought a super-efficient variable speed 240-volt pump.
My old one speed pump was about $90-$100 month the variable speed pump was about $20 -$24 month.

It was a huge difference and paid for its self the first year.

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