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Xringer 07-18-16 04:52 PM

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier
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This looks like the perfect unit for my basement!
Buy Santa Fe Classic Basement & Whole House Dehumidifier (4029700) | Thermastor 4029700

Capacity @ AHAM: 110 Pints/Day
Capacity @ Saturation: 180 Pints/Day
Amp Draw: 6.4 Amps
CFM: 275 CFM
Operating Temp. Range: 56 - 95F

Wow! Listed at $1,671.00 Got it off craigslist for $100

It seems to be working Okay. In ideal conditions, it pumped a cup of water in about 35 minutes.
After I install some filters, I'll give it a good test run.. It does use about 6.4 Amps at 120vac..

pinballlooking 07-18-16 05:39 PM

Great deal.

jeff5may 07-19-16 10:28 PM

Gut shots? Or did it already get installed somewhere?

Xringer 07-19-16 11:55 PM

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I think it's a 6 or 7 years old. Recently replaced. No explanation of why..
But, when I did a short test the day of delivery, it was idea weather for a test. Raining & 80F. in an open garage.
Looking at the amount of water that came out. I estimate 1/2 quart per hour. (or less).
Spec says under idea conditions, 2 quarts per hour.

On some of the reviews I've seen, there were owners saying that refrigerant slowly leaked out. (4 or 5 years)
I hope that's all that's wrong with this one.Hope it just needs a shot of R410A..
Planning to test some more when I get some air filters.

Noticed the compressor got really hot. Wondering what the normal operating temperature is.?.

Xringer 07-21-16 02:05 PM

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The maintenance port is out on a thin tube..
I can see how it might get broke off when removing the cap..

Xringer 07-23-16 05:05 PM

Pressure test?
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If I put a gauge on the low pressure port while the unit is running, I should see about 240 PSI?
Or, is that the Max pressure? On a mini-split, it seems like 130-140 PSI is common..

Xringer 07-25-16 01:12 PM

Kinda working..
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I'm not so sure.. I found a user that's had a lot of problems with this model..
Sante Fe Classic Quality Issues

He's included five links to YouTube videos in his posts..

Mine seems to be working poorly. Only getting about a quart during a 1 hour run..
Temp 70F with RH between 60 & 70 percent.

I'm wondering if a Superheat test could tell me anything..
First, I'll have to find out what the 'standard' Superheat temperature is for this model. At 70F & 70%RH..

After a 1/2 hour warm up, I did a little testing of the input air vs the output air.
Input air was 62%RH @ 73deg
Output was 38%RH @ 82deg
A change of 24%RH & 9 deg.

JRMichler 07-30-16 01:56 PM

Maybe I'm lucky or something, but we bought a Thermastor Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier in 2003. We put it in the living room to use as a whole house dehumidifier in summer. It's been working perfectly ever since.

The house temperature is typically 75 to 80 deg F, humidity 45 to 50%. The house is well insulated, so we rarely use the AC. Also, the AC does not do a good job of removing moisture.

My wife likes it dry, sometimes the humidity gets down to 40%.

Xringer 07-30-16 02:10 PM

Wow! That sounds like money well spent.
Is it a R22 or R401a version? I'm also very interested in the temperature of the input air, vs the output air.
I think it might be a quick way to determine the correct refrigerant load.

If I can get this one working to spec, it would be fantastic for our musky basement..

JRMichler 07-31-16 08:15 PM

The nameplate says R22. It's running right now. The room temperature is 76 deg F, 53% RH, outlet temperature is 100 deg F. The outlet temperature reading may be a little low, it's a cheap little thermometer laying on the floor.

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