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MEMPHIS91 03-25-18 08:00 AM

Vanadium flow battery
This popped up on my facebook. Look highly promising thought I would share and see yalls thoughts.

NeilBlanchard 03-25-18 08:19 AM

I wonder how those compare to the RedFlow ZCell units; also from Australia?

MEMPHIS91 03-25-18 08:40 AM

Both look dern impressive. I believe I'll be waiting on buying batteries until I see where this goes.

pinballlooking 03-26-18 10:16 AM

This is very cool I hope it comes down in price sooner than later.
I would love to add this to my system. It takes away some of the fire concerns I have.

ecomodded 03-29-18 07:30 PM

I have looked and looked for a place to buy a residential sized flow battery and came up with nothing.

Be nice to find a place to buy one , hopefully they are selling them in Canada

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