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Geo NR Gee 08-10-16 09:05 PM

SuntoWater Technologies
This company said they can capture moisture from the air and produce 40 to 100 drinkable water per day. Pictures and story here: With new water generators, Carrollton startup can unlock the ocean above your head | Dallas Morning News

It seems like an Ecorenovator could come up with a look-a-like! Right now I am producing 5 gallons (probably not drinkable?) every two days with my heat pumps.

The SuntoWater would be good for my lawn and garden. We are not on a septic system, so I get a sewer bill equal in the amount of water that I use and even though I am putting it back in the ground. I guess they want the water back really bad..........

jeff5may 08-31-16 08:56 PM

40 to 100 what? ounces? liters? cups?

Reading the article, it's gallons. This looks eerily like the desiccant dehumidifier idea tied to a dehumidifier of some sort. Can't say we didn't discuss this before here. I don't think the thing would cost 9000 dollars to build. Not even for Jurassic park.

CrankyDoug 09-14-16 11:40 AM

Outside of east Texas, most places that have plenty of humidity also have plenty of rain. (Seattle comes to mind.)

Rainwater makes the best coffee. I wait until the roof is well rinsed and put a stock pot under a runoff point. A little bit of PVC and hacking would fill an IBC from one rain shower. It looks like a $100 project if one were so inclined.

HVAC and dehumidifier condensates are definitely not drinkable as they are always contaminated with bacteria and mold.


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