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AC_Hacker 05-08-17 08:48 PM

Electric Lawnmower Repair
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I bought an AC electric mower. Powerful enough for general use.

After a couple years of use, it got left out in the rain, which eventually shortened its brief life.

Power was getting to the motor, but nothing more.

Culprit turned out to be a sticking carbon brush. The brush assembly is a marvel of planned early-failure. NOT MEANT FOR REPAIR, OR REPLACEMENT.

Sorry I didn't take photos of the repair, but I managed to remove the brush assy, and found that the brush was frozen, due to corrosion. I was able to disassemble the crappy brush assy (NOT MEANT FOR REPAIR), and finally freed the brush by using oil, small tools and very gentle force.

This thing should not have been designed to corrode, but that was the planned early-failure mechanism.

Morals of the story are:
1. don't leave electric mowers in the rain
2. do some preemptive voodoo, and oil the brush assemblies before they get a chance to corrode.

Running like a champ!


pinballlooking 05-08-17 08:56 PM

Glad you got it fixed.
Wow they should make the brushes replaceable. This will need done if it is used a fair amount.

MN Renovator 05-10-17 12:46 PM

I have one of the Black and Decker electric mowers and it's brushes are in a brass spring cage that is easy to service.

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