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Higgy 06-29-12 12:09 PM

Exterior Vent Covers
What are some good exterior vent covers? I had a home inspector tell me to use the metal ones rather then the plastic flap ones. At my old home, mine use to break all the time. And on this one they're not only broken, they're stuck. So I'd like to get something more durable. Anyone have some better options then plastic? I don't want to spend a ton of money on these either.

Oh, and this is for blowing air out, not air intake.

S-F 06-29-12 02:33 PM

Any of the good (read metal) vents have nice flappers which seal up well. Here home cheapo and the like don't carry them. I have to go to a lumber yard or HVAC store to get them.

Higgy 06-30-12 09:46 AM

Yeah same here. Home Depot just sells the plastic ones...and they're not even the good plastic ones. We have a few places here I can check out. Thanks.

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