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Higgy 02-17-11 08:29 AM

New Car Question
Well, at the same time that we're thinking of moving, the lease on my Matrix is also coming up in September so we're starting to test drive new cars. I don't like going bigger but I think we're going to have to. Here's the deal. We are starting to do more and more road trips and the kids are getting older as well, so we'd like something that we'd be able to do road trips with as well as having the ability to carry some extra passengers if we needed to (like the kids' friends or family members). I really don't want a minivan...and not for the reason's you think. I'd love a minivan because it's like driving a nice big luxury vehicle with tons of room. The reason I don't want one...gas guzzler. I want something good on gas, for my pocket book and the environment.

This past week we test drove a 2011 7 seat Kia Sorento which was REALLY nice. We also drove a 2011 and 2008 Toyota Sienna. Again, both nice but bigger gas guzzlers. We may go back today and test drive the Rav4 7 seater, but my neighbor, who is a Toyota salesman, seems to be adamant against selling us a Rav4 7 seater. 5 seater, he has no problem with, but he doesn't like the 7. I'm not sure if I made it clear enough to him though that the 7th row would only be used once in a while.

We also have a Corolla, which we will use most of the time. The SUV or Minivan will only be used for the person who drives the shorter distance to work as well as for trips. Otherwise we will use the Corolla for a bigger percentage of time.

Does anyone have any opinions on the above cars, or have any other suggestions?

Ryland 02-17-11 09:04 AM

The EPA's mpg web site has an advanced search that is pretty decent.

PaleMelanesian 02-17-11 09:37 AM

What about the Mazda5?

I wish there were more and better options for people-movers. We have an Odyssey to fill that role, and my least favorite part is, like you, the mpg.

Ryland 02-17-11 10:03 AM

How often do you need to carry 7 people? if it's more about carrying stuff for camping then I would say get a small trailer, otherwise I think VW makes a station TDI station wagon that has a 3rd row of seats way in the back, but I can't say for sure.

strider3700 02-17-11 11:38 AM

a buddy traded his matrix for a rav4. It's basically the same inside as a 5 seater, maybe a tidge larger. with the 7 seats in place you'll have almost no space for stuff.

We have a matrix as our day to day car. It's on the small side with two kids in baby seats and associated gear. So for road trips we take my crew cab truck. It's a real gas guzzler though at 14 mpg highway ;)

Higgy 02-17-11 06:07 PM

Thanks for all this guys.

We just test drove the 7 seater Rav4 and I really liked it, even compared to the Sorento. We may be turning in the Matrix for this one. A little better on gas and 3rd row seating when we need it, which won't be that often.

PaleMelanesian 02-18-11 08:14 AM

That Rav4 is a V6, right? It's a shame they don't offer the 4-cylinder / 3rd row combination. It wouldn't be hard for them to do, but would lose them some revenue from the lost V6 upcharge.

Higgy 02-18-11 11:57 AM

Yes, it's a v6. I'm actually surprised it's not more of a drop in mpg between the v4 and v6 though. It's like 2 mpg difference. And it's not a rocket like the Sorento either. It's a nice smooth increase in speed. I felt, when I was driving the Sorento, that I couldn't control the speed very well. It kept going faster then I wanted it to. But the Rav was a lot easier on speed increase...unless I floored it of course. Which I did once to test how powerful it was, but normally I irritate the drivers around me because I increase my speed so slowly. I hate when people tailgate me when there's another lane right beside me. And then they peal by me....and then the light turns red and I slowly laugh to myself as I creep up beside them. People are dumb.

Daox 02-18-11 12:31 PM

I just got an email from Ford today. They're launching a C-max vehicle which looks interesting. Hopefully they can get some decent mileage out of it. I dunno if you're wanting to wait that long, but thought I'd point it out.

Ford C-MAX Crossover | View the All-New Ford C-MAX Crossover |

Higgy 02-18-11 01:11 PM

Is this a hybrid or something? I doesn't seem to say anything.

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