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Higgy 12-11-10 03:36 PM

Adding a vent under the kitchen cabinets...
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Hey there. As I was going around looking at what they did to clean my vents in my house, I noticed under the kitchen cabinets that the vent ended at the floor, and it was just the wood under the cabinets that were directing the heat to the vent cover, which is probably wasting a lot of heat. So I'm looking for recommendations on how to fix something up so that I can direct the air flow directly to the vent cover. I was thinking just some metallic venting, but I'm not sure how I'd attach it to the existing vent in order to direct it. Any ideas?

strider3700 12-11-10 04:37 PM

When the fan is on do you feel the hot air blowing our from under the cabinet? Pending something up for under there looks to be frustrating.

Higgy 12-11-10 05:33 PM

Yeah, I agree it does look frustrating. The air does come out. Not as much as if I put my hand over the actual vent, but still blows.

strider3700 12-11-10 05:58 PM

the easiest fix then is likely to be just fold a U and add a back to it and slide it in over the hole. It won't be sealed but it will direct more of the air forward at least.

Ryland 12-11-10 08:04 PM

There is a foils faced cardboard that you can get to build duct out of, I would say that a chunk of that with a block of ridged foam over the back end of it would work fine, slide it in place and once it's in there staple it to the toe kick.
If you are worried about it floating up, cut a block of wood to act as a spacer and glue it to the underside of the cupboard.

DIYgreen2011 03-29-11 01:38 PM

I would have thought that you would have noticed this before that actual cleaning, but you should be be able to direct the air fairly easily. I have been thinking about getting my ducts cleaned as this house is 30 years old, and who knows what has crept into the vents. Did you use an HVAC company or something else?

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