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Xringer 01-22-17 12:25 PM

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Maybe with the brightness turned down really low.. But not the way I've been watching it.
It looks like 200 ma in sleep mode and about 60 watts in normal viewing mode.

I'm getting rid of my $1,354.87 (02/10/2007) EDTV today.. For $100
plus I have to help move the old 27" NEC tv (100+ pounds)..
The EDTV is only 70 pounds. My neighbor across the street is the buyer.

400W vs 60W = Using 80-85 percent less power? I like it..

warmwxrules 01-28-17 11:24 AM

My 50" Panasonic (1080p120hz) from a few years back uses around 75 to 80watts. My 24 inch computer monitor uses 19 watts.

Xringer 01-28-17 01:16 PM

We are loving this 60W TV, but when I checked the FIOS STB, it's using 20W all the time!
The STB in the bedroom is on a switch, so it's not a vampire..
So, it looks like I need a remote switch for the den STB or use a timer..
I don't want to use a timer, since the over-ride will be problematic for my wife..

But, if I could use a timer with voice over-ride from an Amazon Echo Dot..?..
That would be the Bee's Knees.. :)

celblazer 01-29-17 10:18 AM

Sounds like you need to get into home automation. A Smartthings hub and an smart outlet and your set. It would work by both a timer and Alexa voice for override, I love saying "computer"(yup they added it as a wake word) turn on TV and having my screen come down, projector turn on and sound system fire up. You can also pause and change channels with Alexa and a Harmony remote. :) And the harmony remote will tie into ST and turn on/off the outlet automatically for you.

pinballlooking 01-29-17 10:51 AM

I have had some home automation for a long time. But there are some new products that you get in cheaper than when I jumped in.

Here a couple products that you can look at. It is cool for just a couple dollars you can get energy usage monitoring. I would say that feature is a bargain.

These seem to get better reviews.

Xringer 01-29-17 02:59 PM

You guys must have ESP.. I've been thinking about this Home Automation stuff all day.!.
I understand there are a lot of security concerns and that a consortium of companies is working on an 'open' protocol and strong encryption.. The encryption is going to be the most difficult. For the RF controlled devices, I assume they with go with frequency-hopping or other anti-jam RF system..

In my estimation, it's going to take some time before the final product hits the market. Maybe have some encryption that will force hackers to buy a Cray SuperComputer, before they can break in.. ;)

Anyways, I need to update my security system too.. So I'm going to wait about a year to see if I can jump in at the right point in time..

In the mean time, I still use X10 and would like to put them under the
control of my Echo Dot "Computer".. Which I think might be possible on 433 Mhz.
Using a low cost RF & IR blaster..

Maybe learn to use IFTT to control the (IR) Sanyo in the den?
Get myself ready for the real deal when the time comes.. If it does....

pinballlooking 01-29-17 03:21 PM

I don’t think one outlet is committing too much. You could still get one outlet wait and see where everything is going to work out.

I don’t think hackers want to take over your outlet.
My gateway has been exposed to the internet for a years and no hacker has taken it over so far.
One outlet would be a fun way to try it out. We like the amazon echo home automation integration so much I added a dot in my bedroom. We have Alexa turn lights on and off many times each day it is the most useful thing about her. My wife likes music and to-do list.

I have something like this in my bedroom. It works fine but I would rather have a dot controlled outlet.
It is another option.

Xringer 01-29-17 04:16 PM

It does look quick and easy.. But, I have a spare X10 AM466 for the STB, sitting here, ready to use..
Plus, I have three more AM466 modules connected to stuff I would like to control,
maybe using a little logical home automation skills..

I think the $30 Broadlink thing might be fun to experiment with..
Broadlink RM Pro Smart Home Intelligent Wi-Fi IR+RF Universal Remote Control EU | eBay

pinballlooking 01-29-17 04:23 PM

Yes it always better to use stuff you laying around than buying new stuff.
Let us know how it works out.

celblazer 01-29-17 07:20 PM

I know on the Smartthings community someone integrated X10 into it. Not sure how deeply but might be an option to keep your old stuff and have it work with Alexa and ST.

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