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Xringer 01-19-17 05:48 PM

VIZIO D43-D2 D-Series 43" 1080p 120Hz
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After reading a lot of good reviews, I found this for a good price at Walmart.
Anyways, the Energy guide label at the Walmart site is for a larger TV: 55" or 59" @75.4kWh..

This 43" set only uses 51.8 kWh per year..
Based on 12 cents per KWH and 5 hours per day, cost is $6 per year.
Based on our usage and rate, I'm going to guess 12 to 15 bucks a year..

This is going to be a lot better than the old 42" Plasma TV that used over 400w on average..
The Den Mini-split used about 400w on average over the last 18 hours (7.2 kWh). (OD Temperature chart below).

Yeah, I don't need to be running a TV that uses as much power as a M/S.!. :o
We will save a few bucks on power, but going from ED to HD is really nice.
I can read the fine print on this new TV.. 1080i is okay!

In case you've never heard of EDTV..

pinballlooking 01-20-17 08:31 AM

I felt the same way back in 2013.

I switch from my sweet 60" plasma to 70” Vizio LED TV 2013. (We moved the plasma to the lake)
We have been very happy with the Vizio it has performed really well. It has saved power while looking good.

In the summer the LED TV does not generate near as much heat.

Xringer 01-20-17 09:25 AM

"In the summer the LED TV does not generate near as much heat."
That was another important consideration. Not having that Plasma TV fighting the M/S,
will save us a few bucks during the summer time.

I really like the old Plasma, don't know what to do with it.. It's too big to hoard.. ;)

pinballlooking 01-20-17 09:32 AM

I moved one of my 45 Plasma TVs to my bedroom for a while but it was way too much heat for a small room. I got a smaller LED TV for the bedroom.

Xringer 01-20-17 10:26 AM

I have a buddy that's having a problem heating his bedroom, maybe...?.. :p

I'll have to find out what I can sell this thing for..

jjackstone 01-20-17 10:35 AM

Hmmm.. 400 Watts. Sounds suspiciously like a good small bedroom heater compared to a 1500W heater. Turn off the sound, turn the screen away from your bed and let it run. ;) Probably even has a on/off timers to let it run for a certain amount of time and then turn back on before waking.

Xringer 01-21-17 09:02 AM

We have a digital clock up on the Den wall, about 2 feet above the top of the TV location.
After watching the super hot boiling Plasma TV for a while,
my wife always looks up at the temperature display.. "OMG, it's so HOT in here!"..
No matter how many times I've explained about the heat rising up from the hot Plasma, she persist..
I would get the heat sensor pistol and show her the other end of the sofa was 67F and ask her to change her seating position.

I think this new low wattage TV is really going to help with this problem..
Especially this summer, since the afternoon sun is on that west wall.. :eek:
Not the best wall insulation, but at least the M/S cooling will have a shot
at keeping that temperature display closer to the actual room temp.

If the new TV doesn't solve this false overheating problem, I fear the digital
clock will suffer a catastrophic drop to the floor and be replaced by a new
clock that only displays the time of day.. :p

jeff5may 01-21-17 10:36 PM

Visio has improved their energy efficiency since I bought mine. It's a 32 inch e-series, and it uses 50 to 60 watts when it runs, mainly depending on sound volume.

I just couldn't pass up a deal this year on black Friday. I got an Element 43 inch 4k smart tv for $200 on a doorbuster at Target. The energyguide sticker on it says 19 bucks a year. I haven't put it on the kill-a-watt yet, so I don't know exactly what it draws.

Xringer 01-21-17 10:54 PM

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I haven't checked my new TV yet. I had the kill-a-watt on the old Plasma a few weeks ago.
It bouncing up and down a lot but on average it was about 400 watts..(I think)..

Maybe the brightness was up a little high, because the TV is rated for 345 Watts.

jjackstone 01-22-17 08:41 AM

Just did the power calculations from your original information. Works out to around 30 Watts. 51800/365= 142wh/day. 142/5 =28.4 watts. That's impressive for a screen that size. I'll be interested in seeing the actual numbers.

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